Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

Thursday 25 December 2014

Woke up just before nine am.  Downstairs to wrestle turkey into the oven and make stuffing balls, pigs on horsebacks and peel veg.  Drink much tea.  Ten o'clock comes around and, as agreed with the group, open up Secret Santa present.  Patchwork bag which is OK and nicely made and wrapped but not as much effort as I put into mine.  Tell myself not to be miserable and it has been made with love. WF phone still switched off.  RJ not responding to FB messages.

Find Carol service on a Welsh radio station.  Would much rather be at church but OH refused to go and he only finally emerged from bed at 11 am.

Was considerably cheered by the opening of presents:

Olay Regenerist
Two books - one by Sue Limb and one by Phillipa Gregory
Pringle socks with appropriately seasonal decoration
Spring form pans and muffin set
Fat face top
North face top

K gets me gorgeous wool, patchouli soap and angel figure - lovely and just what I would have chosen for myself.

I had also treated myself to fabby craft books

Had second breakfast and took dog around the lake.  Lots of ducks - mallards, coots and others, swans, grey and white herons and shoals of field fares in the trees.  No one else around apart from a middle aged guy, sitting on a bench, with an I have had a huge row with my sodding family expression on his face.

Back home and finally WF rings us on Skype and says he wasnt doing anything in particular yesterday or today and by the way, the interview on Saturday has been cancelled as the position has been 'withdrawn' - bastards - he could have gone to SILs house and had a lovely time instead of being on his own with a tuna salad.   Give him pep talk and agree to talk tomorrow.  His friends are over at the weekend so he will be going out with them then.

Have immense Christmas lunch.  RJ rings later on and, good news, will be made up to sous chef in the New Year!!!  Last time he was home, we counted the jobs he has had before finding one that suited and was stable and it came to thirteen.

There is nothing on the telly - how on earth can the programming executives think that On the Buses is entertainment.