Saturday, May 23, 2015

A grand day out...

Thursday 21 May 2015

Sunny periods 22 degrees

Up at the crack of dawn to the dentists.  Blissfully unaware that a bridge involved removing the two crowns on either side of my previously ulcerated tooth.  Involved a lot of knocking and ghastly, stomach churning crunching.  He knows I am chicken so he gave me some anesthesia even though there were no live nerves in the vicinity.  He then made some resin 'dents provisoires' and released me.  I gave a lady a lift back to my town and was ashamed at the state of the car - OH's fishing/DIY junkyard.  

Arrived back in town just in time to meet the diagnostics guy who had come to look at the top rental unit and then to go on an estimation.  Beautiful old stone house with existing gite, space for two studios and, amazingly considering its location, a hectare of land with the most wonderful views of our little town.  The lady owner had an unnerving habit of invading my personal space and, when I backed off, grabbing me by the elbow.  Her lapdog kept licking my toes.  It was a bit off putting to say the least.  I was muttering 'stop it, you little shit-zu'

Had a pop into the fripperie and found a lovely Marks and Sparks white cotton dress and a voile tunic in various shades of turquoise - two euros for the two!  Had a coffee and met up again with the diagnostiqueur who said he wouldn't charge me as I had put so much work his way.  Now that is what I call appreciation!  Was very happy.  Went home and had lunch of spinach, orange segments and tuna with freshly grated black pepper over.  Was very good.

Continue to have emails and posts from members of the group who cant find the newsletter in their inboxes.  Feel like going in a corner and shrieking.   Happily, had arranged to go and see a new member who lives about a half hour away.  She and her husband bought a wreck and have done sterling work to make it a comfortable and authentically restored family home.  Lovely garden and potager and wonderful views; a red kite soared above us and the dogs got on like a house on fire and tore around the garden for a good two hours.  We talked crafting and families and it was delightful to make a new friend and have an afternoon as myself and not having to watch what I said and try and pick up on the subtext of what was being said.

Back home and felt energised.  Picked many strawberries and blasted the browning haricot leaves with some copper fungicide.  So many snails - threw them over the wall.  Dog snored loudly and twitched on the mat.  Watched some Chelsea Flower show.  After my experience with just doing a small garden at the Tatton Flower Show, I can tell you dear readers that the amount of stress and expense is huge.  I would not have missed it for the world but would never again do it on my own and without a backer.  Would love to do Chelsea as head of a team and with funding.  That would be just awesome.