Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A social day

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Sunny periods 24 degrees

Woke up later than planned and dashed out to see if the car would start.  It wouldn't.  Rang the insurance company and told them that I had reported to the Assistance number that I was at home and she said I shouldn't have done that as otherwise they could have 'managed' to get the car recovered to a garage.  Rang the garage and they said they would be able to come out and start the car.  Hung up, tried the car again, and miracle it decided to start.  Rang back the garage and the insurer with the happy news and then took it down town.  

The garagiste is old and bow legged and he got into the car and it started, time and time again.  He looked at the petrol gauge and told me I was out of fuel and I had to insist that I wasn't and if he remembered, I hadn't wanted to pay over 300 euros to get the fuel gauge fixed.  He said it was the key and to leave it with him and he would check it out.  Went down town and did the tour.  Came back and he had changed something and the car was happy but I was less happy with the 180 euro bill but at least I was mobile again.

Had coffee with a friend and a number of disreputable people.  I don't know how she attracts them.  Back home again and send out documentation to NZ ladies and it appears that the notary of the buyers of my flat STILL hasn't contacted my notary.  I now award them the title of most useless notary as the previous holder has agreed a date for the compromis, just three weeks after he was instructed.  I despair.  A notary told me once that notaries in the past used to hang on to the funds from sales for up to six months and lend them out at exorbitant rates.  Some of them still have God complexes.

Took dog for quick walk and then over to local town to see delightful people who bought with me two years ago.  Dog attempted to run off, peed in their barn (twice) and was a bit of a menace.  At least he didn't drink the man's tea on this occasion.  The lady gave him and me ice cream.  Dog hadn't tried this before and wolfed it down.  I wolfed it down with some lovely warm gateau basque.  Tea was drunk and it was very pleasant.  They then went down to the local Mairie to commence Round One of getting planning application for windows and I took dog around the lanes where he peed on many things.  Did a little bit of prospecting and dropped off some cards.  We came across some sheep who were very keen on coming with us

Back home and had to water plants which I set out a couple of days ago.  As usual, whenever I plant something out, the weather instantly stops being cold and wet and bakes the poor things.  Very much hope that the plumber can fix the well problems on Friday.

OH rang and gave me things to do.  Spoke to elusive lady buyer and she was lovely and we arranged to speak later on in the week.  3 bed holiday home for 350000 euros - how difficult can that be?  Found out that competitor had told her that they cover all the houses in the area (they don't) and she should stay just with them.  Must start telling my clients this.