Friday, May 1, 2015

Catching up with goings on

Thursday 30 April 2015

Sunny 23 degrees

Woke, still feeling exhausted.  Leg is turning tasteful shade of green and yellow but there is still a lump in the centre of the bruise.  At least it doesnt hurt any more.  

Look at the emails and discover one from the Russians saying that they dont have the money for the full deposit and in fact they dont have the money for the partial deposit either and they dont know when they are going to be able to get it.  They are enormously apologetic.  I grind my teeth and do some quick thinking and then ask them to provide documentation that they will be receiving at least enough money to pay for the property, and get this paperwork certified by a lawyer.

Ring the owners of the town house where my would be buyers have been fighting with the other agency buyers and am told, to my amazement, that my buyers have pulled out at the last minute and the owners have signed with the other agency buyers.  Apparently my buyers got cold feet, at the last minute, and decided they couldnt be responsible for the court costs and damages if the other side took them to court.  The lady is over in May so I need to find them another house to buy.

Rang the owner of the beautiful villa and told her I was back on the case and then rang her notaire, infamous for being the slowest in the area, and found that he had at least received the paperwork via the buyers notaire and I said I would get on with organising the diagnostic reports.  Her notaire also said that if the ladies were married under a communal regime, then if one lady was buying in her own name, she would have to prove the funds were coming from her own personal account and that the loan was also paid from this account. Need to clarify this with ladies from NZ.

The other town house sale is, thank heavens, progressing smoothly.  Seven days are up and deposit received.  Being thankful for small mercies here.

During my break, my US buyer came over to kick butts and get her visa sorted out.  She met the local maire, tourist office people, the neighbours (thought they were OK!!!!) and took Ken (alcoholic father of owner and currently occupying property) and his cronies for a drink and is generally happy.  She has still NOT sold her house in the US with which she will be purchasing the one here.  Thank heavens the exchange rate is going in her favour.  I would be manic in her shoes - the date for the Acte is in June.

Rang colleague who did a visit for me on one of my properties during my break and she said it went tremendously well.  They had done a revisit and, even though it was raining and traffic was hammering past, the clients were still in love with the property.  The clients had gone back to the UK to 'sort things out'.  In view of the fact that they are cash buyers, I wouldnt have let them go without getting an offer on the table.  Am just hoping that they dont have second thoughts.

Went to get the dog from his pension.  He looked clean and chirpy.  The owner asked me if he was sterilised and I said no, he is 13 and we thought he no longer had the urge. Unfortunately he did so she will have some bad news for that dog owner....

Got back home and the internet had crashed so went into town to buy a dongle.  SFR should wear masks and bandanas.  OH had spent day whizzing around on tractor and cutting grass.

Got email from the Russians saying they were expecting sum of money far in excess of that necessary to buy the house and that they would obtain documentation and send it over. Sellers somewhat mollified but still want me to ring other people who were interested in their house but made a very low offer.

Had pizza and watched Poldark.  I am warming up to this series.