Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dark clouds and a sudden bolt of lightning

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Overcast 24 degrees

Spent morning loading a property and chasing people on the phone and by email.  Took dog for a walk and found a house which I used to have for sale - bought by Russians not long ago.  Wonder if they have not fitted in?  Took a photo of the house and their name and address for reference - found them in the phone book so will ring tomorrow.

Came back and had lunch.  Must stop eating bread, feel bloated.

Got email from yesterday's people saying they had changed their mind, dont want to revisit and will come back with their son later in the year to consider buying at that time.

At six pm a bombshell via Skype - the American lady's husband has filed for divorce.  A month ago they were over here, signing papers.  They had found a buyer for their house and all was en route.  Now, dreadfully, it has all unravelled completely.  What a terrible, terrible mess.  Tomorrow I will have to tell the seller.

Real estate is a symphony of tragedy, in many movements.