Monday, August 24, 2015

Of mice and machines

Saturday 22 August 2015

Cool and rainy with lots of thunder and lightening later

Spent morning lugging about immense sheets of plasterboard which didn't want to fit in the car, so had to be sliced up, and then had to be manhandled into the rental unit - a delicate manoeuvre.  Interestingly, manoeuvre is made up of two French words - main (hand) and oeuvre (work).  I think back to the Cointreau advert.  Cue woman with scary amounts of lip gloss 'what is.... (breathy gasp) Cointreau?  Distinguished looking French man picks up the bottle and starts to read 'un inimitable chef d'oeuvre' a masterpiece that cannot be equalled...

Alas I am very far from a glass of cointreau (which I probably haven't tasted since the period when the advert was on the telly) and there isn't a distinguished looking French man in sight. There is Mr Lalune who is simple and works as a street cleaner.  He is coming over to hug me and I don't feel up to being that close to his scary yellow dentures which move independently of his jaw, so I wave and run off to tackle the ironing mountain.

This takes a dreadfully long time and I don't want to rabbit on over the rest of this page about laundry (although followers of this blog will know that I am more than capable of so doing) so here are some photos of shop window mice and some interesting old sewing machines.