Thursday, November 19, 2015

Surprises with my Wamblis, sorting out SFR and I ate til I could eat no more...

Wednesday 18 November 2015
Coolish 14 degrees

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Sunny 22 degrees

At 5.30 am the phone rang and an automated message informed me that there was a problem with my health insurance and I needed to press 'one' to be put in contact with an advisor. I hung up and passed out again. Apparently OH didnt. Not good; he has a huge drive ahead of him.

We were both up for 8 am and final stuffing of things in the car and then he roared off in a cloud of dust and gravel and dog and I settled down in the front room and I uploaded properties and replied to emails and drank lots of tea.

At two pm I went down town and met a couple who had recently bought and took an electrician to their house. Their phone circuit is the most recent and it is more up to date than the modem supplied by SFR. The electrician poked about and displayed 'builder's bottom' and the lady and I tried to avert our eyes. She, as usual, was dressed fabulously in black and had kitten heeled slippers in leopard print. I had made an effort and painted toes and nails and done something with my hair.

Oh yes, had a lovely surprise! When I was getting ready, I picked up some earrings which I had recently made and thought I wish my ear piercing had not closed up... I tried an earring and was thrilled to find it went in, no problem. I tried the other ear. Again no problem. I havent been able to wear earrings for about six months and have been too chicken to go and get them redone. The local shop is called Wambli piercing and the man is covered in tats and has a shaved head and he scares me. Hurrah, my wamblis have regained their piercenesses on their own! Was also too mean to pay 20 euros for one ear.

I then took them into town to sort out their mobile phones. It took forever so whilst the shop assistant was helping them to get their Lumia's sorted out, I popped into the florist opposite. Someone has contacted me to ask if I can make a pendant necklace for her granny. Her favourite flower is lisianthus. I thought there is no way in hell that my local florist would have some but actually she had three colours so I took the white one which was in the most perfect condition. I still have no idea of how I am going to get this looking good for a pendant. Why on earth cant people just buy what I have made? Someone else wants earrings from the tiny hydrangea flowers. Must make them too.

Back home and quick walk with dog, during which he was beeped at by my horrible neighbours, and then out for dinner. Everyone else I know has absolutely lovely neighbours. Mine are shy, unsociable, bee keeper, autistic, Benny Hill creepy and utterly horrible. That is, I have six neighbours....

The lights of town were bright and my 'date' was waiting for me on the steps of the Casino. One of the NZ ladies who is over supervising the renovation of the wonderful turn of the 20th villa. There was only one restaurant open in town – a former railway station cafĂ© which had been taken over by some Spanish bar owners who had attempted to introduce tapas and cocktails to our town. It was just too foreign for the locals. They dont get out of town too often and regard a trip to the big city as an occasional excitement. My Benny Hill neighbour has never been out of the Departement and he is nearly 70. Anyhow, the restaurant was taken over just recently by some French cooks and I had heard good reviews.

We were early and the staff were eating so we sat on a flower box and waited. The salle was long and narrow with the kitchen at the fatter end. The lady I was with CLB is vegan and chose pumpkin soup followed by cep omelette and salad and then pear poached in red wine with vanilla ice cream. I had pumpkin soup followed by suckling pig and chocolate and banana nems.

It was the best meal I have had in a long time. The soup was a deep orange with a profound depth of flavour and served with lardons and tiny wafer deep fried bread. The pig was tangy with BBQ seared skin and melted in the mouth. The nems were crunchy with exquisite chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. I ate til I could eat no more. I deeply regretted wearing my jeans.

We discussed importing craft type items and also higher value items.  Very interesting.  Came up with a name which encapsulates the business.  This could be the new direction I have been looking for.

Home again.  Depression gone.  A new project....  my absolute favourite thing.  Rang OH and he had just arrived at Caen.  Stormy crossing forecast.