Sunday, December 6, 2015

I dont know why I bother...

Friday 4 December 2015

Sunny  12 degrees

Spent morning working way through my work list and OH looked for jobs for RJ.  Very cold in the house and he put on the calor gas fire which is very fumy and gave us a headache. The fan on the electric heater has stopped working and dog blocked what little heat there was coming out of it.  He was not keen on going out in the cold but wanted amusement so spent the morning wandering in and out of rooms, looking for some warmth.  He finally settled on a patch in the sun on the front room mat, but not until I had had to get up and close the various doors, many times.

The phone didnt ring.  I had been expecting a call from the Australians about the chateau so finally cracked at about midday and rang.  No answer.  Ten minutes later got an email to say their phone was 'out of charge'.  The email had been sent from their phone...  and they had decided to go ahead on a different property.  Also got an email from the English couple saying they wouldn't be revisiting the house they had 'loved' when they came back in a fortnight, but would 'hold off' until next year.  I don't know why I bother.  I could have stayed at home, not used up litres of fuel, and done something I enjoyed. Was really fed up.  We both took the dog up the lane.

Found the following, from 8 November 1997

I am almost wrecked at the end of a fortnight of mad old women.  OH mum came last Tuesday through til Saturday as it was our 11th wedding anniversary on the previous Saturday.  Went to see Measure for Measure at Buxton and I had to wear a black wrap over skirt as nothing else fitted.  Up to 9 stone five.  Will I ever see 8 stone again?  The photos from the Cornwall holiday came back.  I am wearing a bikini in one of them and RJ is wobbling my stomach and smiling evilly.  

Last Sunday was RJ 8th birthday - bought him roller blades and he was thrilled and promptly started carving up my carpets with them.  Mum and Dad came over for a few days. He and WF are currently fighting in the front room, as to who has the next turn.  Have closed the door so I cant hear them.  C and D (brother and sister in law) came on Sunday and their kids mashed food into the newly created channels in the carpet.  C sat on the newly pinned and cut out dining room curtains and went around clutching his nether regions and saying 'I have pins in my arse'.  Kids kept tittering.  Had fireworks which weren't a great success as it was damp.  Was very amused when mum said to D that hadn't she put on some weight recently?  D has just lost about a stone.  Mum as subtle as ever.  Mum insisted on having a trip to the doctors in Chapel.  The one at home has refused to give her any more antibiotics and she loves a new audience.  She went on and on about her sinuses until Thursday when we went to Stockport to see the shops.  Shops seem far more effective than antibiotics.  Went back to trying to play the organ.  The creaking in my head as I try to do different things with each hand almost drowns out the racket of mum and dad both talking to me at the same time, the dog barking to go out and the kids incessant fighting.