Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Will the cleaning never end?

Monday 29 December 2014

0 degrees
Rather nippy

Hurrah, the last day of preparation before the revisit.  More shifting things up and down the stairs. My knees start complaining and creaking.  Wash the skirting boards and the window frames.  How on earth can there be so much dust on the doors.  The water access is in the flat below and have to do many trips to boil up the now leaking kettle.  Home for lunch and then we take a last minute decision to varnish the floors, the missing cans of varnish suddenly appearing when I start taking down the paint can mountain.  OH does main rooms.  It is starting to get dark.  He goes back to walk dog and cook and I get to varnish the staircase.  Oh joy.  The light goes out every four stairs.  I feel very, very tired.

SIL rings to say that RJ and her ED have gone out drinking and have been out hours and she doesn't know where they are and they are not answering their phones.  I am too exhausted to participate in this drama.  OH ED is out looking for them.  I go to bed and switch off my phone.  Bloody children.