Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yes!!!! Ah, no.....

Friday 2 January 2014

Everything still frozen up including finally the water in the kitchen.

Make a fire and settle myself in front of it with lots of tea and the phone and the laptop and ring people - some good phone calls.  Fix up weekend of visits with one high budget client and tie another one down to a range of days when she may potentially pop over.  Have new client from Northern Ireland - she is French but has lived NI for over 40 years.  Fantastic NI accent when she speaks English but when she tells me about her house in Spain, she has a fantastic French accent. Marvellous!  I speak fluent French and improver's Spanish and sound very English in both.  She is over in February so we arrange to meet up.

She doesn't have the habit of putting the phrase 'I turned around' at the start of every sentence.  A former buyer with me absolutely loved this phrase.

'He turned around and said to me that he was coming next week and I turned around and said to him that it needed fixing now and Amy turned around and sorted it out with someone else'

I used to feel dizzy.

Still no news from AA by lunchtime.   They then ring me and say that they are going to make an offer (yay!) and will email it through to me.  Take dog for walk and get back to find written offer at within spitting distance of acceptable price.  Ring owner who happily accepts.   Ring AA back immediately and they do not get back to me for an hour.  Very happy.  OH says nothing is signed yet.  AA rings back and is worried about little things.  Reassure them that it will all be very straightforward and he seems satisfied.

Ring other agent to tell him house is sold and then organise for him to see another house in town with me tomorrow.  Don't want to let hot to trot clients escape.

Have scratch supper and half way through Calendar Girls, the phone rings.  We let it go to answer phone and it is AA backing out.  Console myself with fact that there will be a visit tomorrow and I have people coming over specially on the 20th.  Given that AA and AA OH can worry themselves to a standstill over a fully renovated house in great condition which would stand empty for a number of months before they occupied it, they probably would have been a fxxxxing nightmare to deal with.

They had asked me to get the thermal energy report renewed, because it referred to the period before the renovation and they were not sure how thermally efficient the house is - it has full triple glazing, insulation a foot thick and air conditioning.  It is virtually hermetically sealed with huge thick stone walls but they couldn't look at the house with their eyes, instead preferring to read figures on a piece of paper.  They obviously have not read the reports about the huge divergence in readings between the various diagnostics companies or they would know, like all agents know, that apart from the termite, lead and asbestos and electricity reports, the rest is virtually worthless.  The reports do present a significant expense for the sellers.

AA had also asked me to go next door to the rented house and estimate how noisy they were.  They wanted the person who had replaced the roof just four years ago, to come and check that it wasn't damaged.  My usual technique is just to say, yes of course, whilst the WTF!!! demon in my head jumps up and down and stabs me with his trident whilst laughing at my stupidity.

Ring other agent, who seemed to be at a party, to tell him good news for him, bad news for me.  We organise to meet earlier tomorrow and fit in the two houses.

For some reason the upstairs plug circuit is tripping out the downstairs plug circuit and the choice is reading in bed or having the fridge on.  Earlier to sleep than normal, par consequence....