Saturday, January 24, 2015

How big is a Maine Coon?

Thursday 22 January 2015

Icy with bright sun later

Wake up with sick headache and churning stomach.  OH offers me his universal cure - surprisingly effective.

Go to meet a representative of a French bank.  Lovely lady who I have not seen in yonks. We have coffee in the art deco hotel in town and she is wowwed by the stunning plasterwork and chandeliers.  She shows me notaires stats for purchases throughout the country and the surprising development is how many Belgians are now buying.  Italians and Russians still prevalent in the Capital and the far south.  My area is, as I am well aware, one of the most expensive but I was surprised at how very low the values are in the more central locations.  Interest rates very low and I need to start suggesting them to cash buyers who may not have thought of using this option.

Back home to some more manic cleaning and then to completion in early afternoon.  Arrive a minute before the appointed time at the notaires and find that I am the only one there. Purchasers arrive ten minutes late, and are excited at becoming owners.  Seller's proxy is even later and I discover that she has already given the purchasers the key and that they are moving in, as we speak.   Tell her that this is not the norm and she says 'oh fuck it'. Must stop associating with these foul mouthed mature ladies.  She then presents the purchasers with a bill for the fuel oil, which was not previously included in any of the documentation, and is for a substantial sum.  Purchasers are somewhat taken aback but fortunately pay up.

Notary is one with whom I haven't worked before.  He likes the sound of his own voice and prattles on about the seismicity of the Region.  The buyers come from an area which has no seismicity.  The lady purchaser turns to me and asks how long have I have lived here and I tell her that it is x years and I have never felt a tremor.  Notary assures them that the earth is trembling all the time and everyone is thinking 'shut the hell up'.  I manage to divert him back to the signature and all goes smoothly.   Go back to the house with the now new owners and read the meters.  Many members of the family already there and two huge lorries full of stuff.  Self moving.  Meet the dogs.  The cats are hiding in the toilet - one is a rare Maine Coon with ears like a lynx.  Also known as an American longhair, they are the largest breed of domesticated cat.

 thankyou Daily Telegraph

Couple in rental unit ring and say that they are leaving at 8 am and can I come and get the keys at 7.45.  I have a full day's viewings tomorrow.  I turn into foul mouthed mature lady and pass out on sofa at 10 pm.