Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why my man can't work a hotplate

Saturday 17 January 2015

Wet and windy 4 degrees - some sun later

Imminent arrival of guests drove us down town to rental unit this morning - me to clean and OH to fit new shelving.  Old shelving bowing in scary manner.  He unpacked the new hotplate, purchased yesterday, and took out the instruction manual.  In typical fashion, he then just pressed buttons.  The hotplate made a piercing beeping noise.  Nothing else happened.  I read the manual - you have to select the temperature and then the time and then press go.  It is an induction plate and heated a pan of water in truly amazing time.

Back home for lunch and I rang some suspects (unqualified prospects).  Most of them were out but talked to charming couple who are over soon and who are just looking for a straightforward holiday home.  Saints be praised!  Holiday home buyers are a mountain less difficult to please than people who intend being resident all year.

Rain lashed down and had to pin back the shutters.  Decidedly nippy.   Skies cleared later so I took the dog out and armed myself with dog bashing stick.  All was quiet - no barking even.

Made lemon meringue pie and fixed appointments for next week.  Felt very tired.