Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I really don't appreciate their tone...

Monday 26 January 2015

Frosty 2 degrees, sun then cloudy later

My gum is still oozing pus and thank heavens I have no nerve in there, or I would be in agony.  Ring dentist and ask for more antibiotics as the surgery is still over a month away and my face is sore and swollen.  OH drives me in and I get the tablets and then have nothing to swallow them with.  Crunch one up and it is utterly revolting.  Have to take the taste away with bread.  Walk dog around the lake.  No cormorants in sight.  Small coots jerking across the slate grey surface of the water.  The dog's ear is healing but is still split on the end and flaps when he walks.

Back home and I doze on the sofa whilst OH watches Squawk Box and other US financial news.  The women on there are very highly polished.  I am not because I live in an essentially non heated house and all my more interesting clothes are Summer light weight. We adopt babushki principles in winter.  OH lights Aga in kitchen and we catch up on the mails.  He moans incessantly about the new interface, so much so that I feel like throttling him.  The interface we work with has just been updated, and it is not an improvement.  I write and tell the software provider and get a bullying reply which is copied into the company I work with.  Bastards.  He says if I understood the new system, I would love it.

I am going to tell him today, during the 'free' training session that I have been offered, that I have dilettante buyers, unrealistic sellers, the bonkers administration, the geographical isolation, and all of this which is carried out in a variety of European languages.  The very, very last thing I need is for the sodding, sodding, bloody software provider to fart around with the interface.  It is not an improvement.  It didn't need fixing.  Rant over.  But if he does carry on writing to people I work with, I am going to put my comments back on FB and he can stick it up his xxxx.

Also discover that as from the middle of last year (we get updated on Andorran timescales)
that outbuildings which are situated on agricultural land can no longer be transformed into habitations.  Oh bloody fantastic.  Have a very large barn with full and very costly plans and the building permit lapsed last year.  Do I ask if I can renew it and be refused and can therefore no longer claim that I didnt know of these new regulations?  Do I keep quiet and let our eventual buyers find out for themselves?  OH declares that the administration change their minds every few minutes and not to say anything to anyone.  I am not comfortable with this.

Partner agent rings to say that her clients turned up late and said they had seen the outside of the house, and it was too far out of the town centre.  It is under a kilometre, lazy bastards. She was very frustrated indeed and had apologised to the key holder.

Watch Natalie Ledwell and Mind Movies videos and get some free Mind Movies videos. Bob Proctor spoke well of them.  Played the wealth and peace of mind ones.  Subconscious - please start paying attention!!