Thursday, January 29, 2015

Prospection and reflections on life

Wednesday 28 January 2015

9 degrees and mizzling

Down to nearby town to see an apartment with balcony.  It is in a building which hangs over the river and looks really good from the photos.  When I get there, there are a number of bells to ring and none of them has the right name.  Go and see the ground floor shop keeper who suggests I ring all of them.  Top idea.  Ring home and get the phone number.  A man in his late thirties descends the narrow, twisting staircase.

We climb up into the icy apartment.  It is in a state of some disarray and the man says he thought I was coming tomorrow.  His speech is slurred and he has one eye permanently closed.  It transpires that he had a brain tumour in his late 20's and it has affected the muscles of his eyelid and the eye has limited manoeuvrability.  

He starts to clear up the dishes and make the beds whilst I measure up and then serves me a cup of stone cold coffee.  He sits and strokes his cat who purrs richly and we prepare the sales document.  He used to work as a delivery driver and does not know what his future will bring.  A lesson on living life to the full as we never know when fate will put us on hold.  I really hope I can enable him to sell and get somewhere with some outside space so at least his terrible psoriasis can receive some rays.

Back home and partner agent rings me to say that his client doesn't like road noise.  Why didn't he ask them if they were sensitive to noise?  We could have saved a lot of time and effort and it would have been one less person who I upset yesterday.

One of my happy sellers who has just completed gets a friend to ring me.  She has a huge hotel restaurant in a nearby town.   I get over there early afternoon.  It is a beautiful building where I have shared many a happy meal with friends and clients.   It transpires her husband has left her, the children are away at school and she is running chambre d'hôte on her own. She wants a new life.

We go around the hotel and it is so well done, with bright clean rooms and beautiful bedding.  The phone rings constantly with bookings.  There is a veg garden, pool garden, swimming pool and also a field with donkeys.  They come haring over for carrots and we stroke their bristly ears and I note the mark of the cross on their haunches.  She has been trying to sell for years and the clients who have come to visit have said the road is noisy. The property is very visible and they cant expect to get passing trade if they are in the back of beyond!

thank you Hope Oaks Farm

Back home again.  The abscess on my gum has reached a massive size and is oozing pus. I feel exhausted.  OH in very bad mood because he can't find his tile cutter and has spent the whole afternoon searching.  We find it in the barn, where he put it, when we had our last clean up.  I am going to have to organise him when he starts in earnest on the new rental unit.  His stuff is spread over the old rental units, one of a number of outbuildings at home, the loft, the laundry room and is often stuffed in old shopping bags.  It drives me nuts.  He has no idea where anything is and never puts anything away.  And it is often my fault that he cant find it.

Focus on the adventure that awaits me this year.  A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.  This month I am making sure the hull is sound and healthy.