Saturday, January 10, 2015

Paris sieges and prospection

Friday 9 January 2015

Crisp and clear

6 degrees

Off into the sparkling morning to see most exquisite country cottage with Pyrenees dark and jagged on the horizon.  Exposed stone, original tommette flooring, beams, fireplaces, nick knacks everywhere and full central heating.  Price 80k too much but has been taken on by partner agent who holds the mandate so will have to present at current mandate price.

The owner shows us everything, at length, and gives me a plantlet of Catalpa Bignoides.  Thrilled!  Plantaholic in me loves nothing better than free stuff and also have a huge pod full of seeds.

Back home to watch unfolding sieges in Paris - one in a small printing works north east of Paris (weather really crap) where the brothers who committed the atrocity chez Charlie Hebdo are holed up with one hostage and another in a Kosher supermarket in Porte des Vincennes.  Unfortunately four hostages were later killed and policemen injured - the hostage from the printing works was unharmed and all three terrorists were killed.  What a dreadful week for freedom and democracy.

Rang lots of potential buyers and no one was in.  Emailed them all.   Made chops with onion gravy and added maizena (corn flour) to thicken the gravy and it promptly congealed into solid lumps so I had to sieve it.   Even my normal Fanny Craddock method of whisking the hell out of it hadn't managed to get rid of them.  Maizena is excellent for coating before frying and now I know why.  As soon as it hits the heat, it forms a protective crispy coat.

Watched Homes by the Sea based in Kent and Sussex.  That is where I will be living this year, seaside town with fabby cliffs and waves.  Universe; please listen and take note.