Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Prospection and pettiness

Wednesday 6 January 2015

Grey with light drizzle 10 degrees

OH was in agony with fallen arches in his feet this morning as a result of carrying all those ceramic tiles down three flights of stairs yesterday.  Had treated my knee with reiki during the night so felt better.  Gave him some reiki and ibrupofen and he managed to sleep again and felt better later on in the morning.

Enjoyed a quiet morning putting on the properties seen over the last few days and listening to Radio 4 listen again detective serial.   I work in the kitchen during the winter as it is on the sunny side of the house and always has some form of heat on the go.  We have a bird table and I stop from time to time to watch both blue and great tits, robins, blackbirds and sparrows hopping in and around and hanging off the platform.  A great grey heron flaps slowly across the top of the window viewpoint.

I get a phone call from a house where I had dropped off a card on Saturday.  That doesnt happen very often!!  It had a rival agency board outside so I thought it was worth a punt.  Make an appointment for Thursday pm and look it up on the website - very well priced!  I believe in following my urges and on Saturday, I had a feeling I should drive up that road.

In the afternoon I go to see the house of some friends in nearby town.  They have decided to put it on sale and move into a house that they are half way through building.  It is lovely and in much better nick than ours.  Realise that I will absolutely have to show this one as well as ours next weekend. Large dining kitchen with wood burning stove, huge living room and five bedrooms.  The bathrooms are shiny havens dedicated to pampering.  Ours is mouldy and the paint is dropping off the tiles, again.  They also have a salt swimming pool.  Heavy sigh.  Wish ours was as high spec as this one. Ours cannot be beaten on location though and a buyer can always change the inside.  Quite often in the past, people have told me that they ABSOLUTELY would have bought a property - if only it had been facing in the other direction, or was JUST on top of a hill, or in another town.  It is surprising that an estate agent has any teeth whatsoever, the amount of times they are severely ground during the course of the working year.

Speaking of teeth grinding, the former work colleague rings me up and tells me that my former bosses have refused to take my property onto her books.  She apologises and says that she can still bring people to see it, but not advertise it.  I am sufficiently stung to reply that if my former bosses wants my money, they can take the property on properly.  I also tell her to tell them that I will put it with another local agency immediately.  Oh what a petty and vindictive people they are!!!  I gave them eight years of my working life, earned them more than anyone else, and then had the temerity to leave.  That was three years ago and, apparently, they have still not forgiven me.