Sunday, February 22, 2015

Etsy! You have sold out...

Saturday 21 February 2015

Torrential showers with small blue sky windows
10 degrees

Refused to go down the rental units so was left in blissful peace to drink coffee, write and then pull all the contents out of the laundry cupboard and throw stuff out.  I love throwing stuff out and oh, what a lot of ropy old towels and sheets there were.  I am going to have to secretly dispose of the the duvet covers made by MIL to which OH has a strange attachment.  We have fifteen duvet covers and forty towels (most of which dont make the cut) and many, many sheets.  Rediscover my gym shoes (compulsive shudder) and other strange foot apparel which I must have bought when I wasnt wearing my sensible hat.  They are sitting down only shoes.  I sometimes wonder how the shoe designers get away with creating shoes which are crippling and impossible to walk in.

Lady Peepall you would have to do is to step on one pebble and you would go ankle twistingly a over t.  There were, however, some other shoes on the site which were absolutely ravishing but an 120mm heel would just kill my arthritic toes

these are 'fishnet' shoes by Luboutin and retail at just under 1000 dollars

I abandoned heels many moons ago, when I realised that I preferred being able to move easily and comfortably rather than staggering around with an aching back and pulsing/burning feet.  Heels are the modern equivalent of hobbling.  I think women should just say NO.  You dont see men in silly footgear (apart from the gay French guys on last years BGT).

I am part of a group on FB and was very distressed to learn from friends that their products are being copied and replicated in Asia, with a complete disregard for copyright.  The lady in question posted a link to her Etsy ad and also one of the Chinese site and it was identical and half the price.  The purchaser is also likely to find that it is half the value.  Suggested watermarking the image in a very obvious way, to impede theft.

Speaking of Etsy, the so called 'home' of the hand made, it appears that they have completely sold out, both physically and morally.  Their top seller is a woman who buys items in from Asia (at peanuts prices), tittivates them and then sells them on at a profit.  She is perfectly open about how she sources her material too.  Real crafters, who sit at home and burn the midnight oil, are quitting Etsy in droves.  Shame on you Etsy!!!

Went to get chain saw and the guy said the fixing mechanism was knackered, which is why it wont tighten.  Swam - luckily arrived when huge number of people had just got out of the pool.  Lovely steaming water rising into the rays of sunshine slanting over from the tall glass windows.