Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Getting hip and funky...

Monday 23 February 2015

Lots of rain
9 degrees

For once, didn't have the Monday buzz.  Probably with the thought of having to go down the rental units.  Commended OH over his morning cup of tea, on his determination and persistence.  He said he wasn't going down either and was headed into the big city to go and get some sealant.  He is very hard to divert into more interesting shops and it would mean lunch in McDo so I stayed home and wrote emails to people and sent photos out of our flats to potentially interested estate agents.

It rained and rained so had to take the dog out in a less torrential shower.  Why do dogs not mind getting pxxx wet during a long walk but wont go out for a pee in a light drizzle?  Meet the woman with the 'charming and adorable' dogs and she has to haul them off as they chase me and dog, barking and growling.  I wave a big stick at them and her and they back off.  Must remember to take stick with me next time I go in that direction.

Do a mass mailing of all local gites and chambres d'hotes to try and find people who are sufficiently hacked off and want to sell.  To my surprise, one rings up almost immediately and I book them in for early March.  A current seller rings up and asks to drop 80k on her house price.  For some reason, people go slightly bonkers at the end of February and decide their houses will never sell.  I always tell them the same thing - wait til Easter.  Easter this year should be fantastic, with the Euro Pound rate being the most favourable in donkeys years at just over 1:1.35.  They inevitably don't want to wait...  Another couple have dropped their price on a small ads website down to 140000 euros - absolute madness - they will be losing a fortune on what they paid for it.  Write down on list to ring them up and insist that they raise the price.  I get another call from a lady who has finally managed to sell after eight years - the price she has accepted is about half of what she originally started out at.

Put out more ads on various websites for our rental units.  Surely somewhere, someone must want them?  

Looked for some blogging communities to participate in and found +thenectarcollective which is fun and hip.

This lady has a beautiful blog and is sassy.  Decided I need to get a hip and funky blog look...