Monday, March 30, 2015

Revving up for the General Election!

Sunday 29 March 2015

Very windy with scudding clouds and sunny periods
14 degrees

Today I had fixed to go and see a house in the mountains for a client who will be here next Saturday.  The client sent me an email rejecting the location and so I rang the owner to change the date.  I don't want to be going out on a Sunday if I can avoid it.  The phone rang and rang and no answer.  I looked at the private ad again and noticed it didn't have a thermal energy report.  It has been the law for over five years now, that each house advert must show its thermal efficiency - rather like the bar graphs you see on fridges.  An hour and a half later, and almost at the time I would have had to have been leaving, the phone rang and it was the owner.  He agreed to get a report done before I came and I gave him the name of my man who does.

Spent an hour and a half loading names and details into the Mail Chimp software, ready for producing the newsletter and received two more articles, one on an international quilting project and another on wedding ring fine scarf knitting.  I have one week before Easter to get my act together.

Had lunch and felt exhausted.  OH said why didn't I go for a siesta, so I did and was spark out for an hour and a half.  Still felt tired when I woke up.  Need to sleep later this week - most of last week I woke up around 6 am.  OH was watching a  film and the dog was complaining so I took him out for a quick walk and he ran off.  Again.  Did actually smack him this time. Informed OH that he would be walking him from now on.  

Shutters banged and clattered during the night.  Gusty winds.  Tomorrow, the UK parliament will be dissolved and electioneering will begin.  

David Cameron - Tory leader

David Cameron of the Tories will probably resign if he isn't reelected.  

Will Ed Milliband and Ed Balls of the Labour Party have to climb into bed with the ghastly Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party?  I cant wait to see how EM faces up to public debates - he has already forgotten to talk about the economy in one of them.

Ed Milliband labour leader
Alex Salmond - SNP

Ed Balls - labour chancellor - talking balls is english slang for talking rubbish

Will people vote UKIP?  Nigel Farage is all over the media, fag and pint of beer in hand.  I think this is going to be a really fun election to follow.

Nigel Farage - United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

I note from the Live Feed that there is someone in Mountain View, California who regularly reads the blog, for which I thank you.  I wonder what you think of it.  I wonder who you are, so far away in sunny CA.