Friday, April 3, 2015

March 2015 Roundup

This month has seen the arrival of people from afar who are new and recontact by vexatious persons.  The people from afar, from a country unknown to the habitants of the good ship, Leaving Normal, were a delight and came bearing presents and showing friendship and goodwill.  They brought joy and the excitement of discovering new things about the world.  The vexatious persons spent the month battling to repair what was spoiled by their greed and duplicity.  They started the month in arrogance and ended it in frustration.  Their affair is still not settled.  Partnerships have been formed and are on solid ground.

The children, in their own boats, are making steady progress and their work is appreciated, although not always in financial ways that they may merit.  They are learning to speak up and defend themselves against their own vexatious persons.

The rains of the month have not damaged the ship and the Spring is arriving, with sweet bird song and green shoots on the treesThe urge to leave behind the shore has lessened as each day has been more pleasant than in the year gone by.  The habitants of the ship are enjoying spending time doing things they enjoy, even rising before the sun, to make time for such things and watching the stars fading in the approaching dawn.

The hull has been lifted by fresh water and is no longer grinding on the rocks.  Good fortune is promised for the months ahead but even so, the captain is fatigued, and needs a period of rest before the oncoming new tide which brings many fish, of all sizes.