Saturday, May 9, 2015

General Election

Friday 8 May 2015

Cloudy with sunny period
18 degrees

Get up extra early to see how the general election in the UK is progressing.  All through the six week campaign, the polls had given neck and neck rating to the Tories and Labour, with a very strong support for the SNP in Scotland and the UKIP in the UK.  The exit polls were shocking, to say the least.  Almost immediately, it became apparent that the Tories were in a far stronger position than had been polled.  By the end of the day, the Tories had an overall majority and a surprised and delighted David Cameron was back at no. 10.  The SNP won all but three seats in Scotland.  The Liberal Democrats paid the price of going into coalition with the Tories and their supporters deserted them in droves – in the North their vote went to Labour and in the South to the Conservatives.  They lost over 50 seats and ended the day on just 8.  Even the DUP of Northern Ireland had more.  UKIP, despite polling over three million votes, obtained just one seat and Nigel Farage, the person we all loved as long as there was no possibility of him getting into power, was not elected.

By ten pm, Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems, Ed Miliband of Labour and Nigel Farage of UKIP had resigned.  It had been one hellova day in politics.  I shall miss Nigel, pint in hand and smiling manically.  OH said that Ed reminded him of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. 

I went into town first thing and bought some veg plants – beans, sweet peppers both long and short varieties, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs.  It was a bit of a bean fight (lol).  OH looked peaky and had a bad headache.  He had a rather severe hair cut when we were on holiday and decided to compensate for the lack of hair on his head, by growing a beard.  It was mostly silver and it made him look ancient.  He decided this morning, whilst I was out, to shave off the white bits and has only left a small ginger moustache.  Combined with the no. 1 haircut and his naturally belligerent nature, he looks like something out of a 1970’s domestically produced TV police series.  I despair but say nothing because if I say I hate it, he will deliberately retain this ghastly growth and it will torment me for weeks.  We decide some sea air may do him good so spend the day on the coast.  The weather is glorious and people are sunbathing and OH is considerably revived by coffee, tapas, and the sight of some lissom young ladies wearing the short end of not a lot of clothing.

I get an offer on the property which the Russians had supposed to be buying.  I had told the people how much they needed to offer in order to be in with a shout and they offered well below it.  The owners refused and are now really pissed off.  They are currently in Spain and trying to persuade the estate agent there to extend the period of the 3000 euros deposit.  We could do with that system over here.  At the moment, all I have done is spend a lot of time, effort, correspondence and phone calls and had my holiday interrupted, and I haven’t earned a penny on it.