Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mariage but not heavenly

Saturday 9 May 2015

Sunny periods 22 degrees

Brilliant early summer day with brilliant blue skies and puffed pink tinged clouds.  The birds making a racket from 6 am

To my amazement, the man from France Telecom came at 9.30 and found us still in bed.  Hurrah – internet?  Alas, no, ten minutes later he climbed back down the pole, said there was a problem further up the line and that he would ring to let me know when he would be back.  He didn't.  I tried ringing SFR and was cut off six times.

Dressed for summer in a coffee coloured dress with white spots and white broderie anglais top worn over.  Coffee coloured ballerinas (flat soled shoes) completed the look.  Still haven’t recovered from our holiday and still feel exhausted.  Put on some bright red lipstick and had some strong coffee and felt somewhat revived.

Went to the house where my colleague had achieved a sale during my absence and the owners were there and waiting for me and had everything signed and printed off.  We had Russian breakfast tea (Mariage brand – bought in Paris) which was fragrantly and delicious.  They smoked small cigars and the lady enveloped me in a woolly sweater as she said otherwise I would freeze.  An hour passed by very agreeably and then, suddenly, I started to feel very hot and clammy and realised, to my horror, that I was going to be sick.  I made my excuses and left quickly and threw up, voluminously, in an auberge carpark.  Felt weak and shaky.  Ate a chocolatine and drank water and felt better. 

Went down to the flat and discovered OH had done something to the laptop and it wouldn't switch on or off.  Mrs Noddi suggested I take out the battery which was an excellent idea.  Took me two hours to switch it on, discover that Norton wasn’t and wouldn’t work, download AVG and leave it to download updates and do a full computer scan.  Back home and had lunch and then planted 150 potato plants.  Soil really dry.  Forecast rain needs to appear and pronto.

OH went fishing and I got stuck with walking the dog again and then picked up the laptop from the rental unit and it was working normally and came home and made roast chicken dinner.  Fell asleep on the sofa extra early this evening.