Saturday, May 16, 2015

A visit! Nature does some power washing on my behalf

Friday 15 May 2015

Heavy showers with sunny periods 
22 degrees

The potatoes are certainly getting a good watering in and, alas, the extra rain still doesn't mean that the well is going to give us any water.  There must be a pipe broken somewhere because the pump is turning like a trojan but no water is filling the tank.

OH gets up and sits at the computer and starts looking at the News and I say we have a lot of cleaning to do and he says, the French man wont like it, and he did his cleaning yesterday.  He cleaned up his terrible mess in the back hallway and laundry room but there is an awful lot of house left to clean.  He goes outside in a black mood and throws things into corners in the porcherie (workshop) and then says he is going shopping and will walk the dog.

I clean like a demon.  Other people live in clean, tidy houses.  We live in a pig style because of OH's rampant littering of every surface.  I despair.  I would love to live somewhere well ordered.  Somewhere where you don't have to spend days cleaning and putting stuff away when there is a visit.

I get an email from the sellers of the llama farm, saying they have lost the property they had reserved in Spain, together with the 3000 euro deposit (lucky Spanish estate agent has at least earned something for their efforts, unlike me) and they have also made an offer on another property which has been refused, so they want to delay signing with the new buyers.  I tell them they can write in a very extended period between Compromis and Acte de Vente and say we will speak when they are back home.

The NZ ladies confirm they are over on Saturday and can I meet them at 9 am with the contractor.  The Contractor groans and says it is a 40 minute drive and does he have to be there at 9 am.  Yes he does if he wants the job.  As my dear MIL used to say, you can sleep when you are dead.  Whilst we are 'quick', we can move.

The patio is power washed by nature and the sun comes out an hour before the clients arrive, so all is looking clean and refreshed.  The man reminds me of a former boyfriend.  VB is thrilled to see the house again and admires the garden.  We see all of the property and I make tea and we eat the first gariguette strawberries - tart and delicious.  The man eats and drinks and whistles and looks around and then, when I ask him what he thinks of it, VB starts to look tense and he replies that the house is too low down.  He wants rolling views.  Bastard.  He has eaten all my strawberries too.  They leave and I feel very deflated. The dog is worn out from barking and behaving like a maniac and he gets on the mat and snores loudly.  OH comes back from where he has been getting the rental unit ready for the clients tomorrow and says oh well, and then makes me ring lots of buyers.  I don't want to ring buyers.  They do my head in.  Fortunately most of them are out.  Chat with lady on my FB group about flowers and gardening.  Feel drained.