Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Flower power in the hedgerows

Monday 11 May 2015

Overcast 27 degrees

Usually I love Mondays.   Today I didn't feel quite up to the challenge.  Dragged myself down to the rental unit to try and load some new properties. I have had the paperwork for one of them for over a week now.  Not good.  Delicious smells wafted up from the ground floor restaurant.  The phone rang non stop - dink dop - and cutlery was rattled and glasses clinked.  My mobile rang and it is a complete miracle and the phone and Internet are back on at home!  Collected OH blood test results, spoke to my colleague about various things and went back home and sat and enjoyed cup of tea whilst looking at the green flashing lights on the Livebox.  My current favourite view.

Two hours later we had caught up on all of the backlog, I finished off loading another property and walked the dog.

One benefit of a semi blind and extremely deaf dog is that you are obliged to wander the lanes with them whilst they do their thing(s).  I never realised how beautiful the Spring and early Summer flowers are and just on my doorstep.  Today's delights were deep purple Aquilegia (Granny's Bonnets)


Also deep burgundy Geranium Phaem 


and Solomon's seal which is just starting to die back

 thank you Louis Landry

Didn't have my phone with me so have had to rely on Google images here.  It is still a wonder to me that I find garden plants growing wild in the hedgerows here.  Sometimes, if I am lucky, I come across some orchids


or some wild purple gladioli, so reminiscent of holidays in Cornwall when the boys were little


I get an increased offer on the llama farm but it is still woefully below the asking price.  I transmit this to the vendors, who are currently in Spain and trying to prolong the reservation deposit on their Spanish property.  To my utter amazement, they accept, providing I drop fees by 50%.  I go back to the agency and say I might be able to squeeze five grand more out of the buyers but that will probably be it.  I also remind them that there is an introducer who has negotiated a wonderful deal for themselves.  The agency say they will see what they can do.  

The vendors tell me that they had received an email from the Russians, saying that the man has been seriously ill and in hospital.  I know that he has been posting funny things on FB and says that he is going to a flower show on Thursday of this week.  Is this proof that they are bonkers or liars?  I am so depressed.  I found them to be such delightful people.  OH says it was never clear where the money was coming from.  He never takes to people in a big way, as I do.