Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meanderings on Farage, cheese and dog diets

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Overcast and warm 22 degrees

Surprised to see that it had rained in the night.  Dog and I sat on the step and enjoyed a cup of tea and some toast.  Dog's teeth aren't what they were so I have to give him a little saucer of tea and the toast has to soften a little before he can eat it.  He seems to have developed a liking for marmalade.  A while ago, I was eating an orange and he was looking very interested so I gave him a little.  He enjoys orange when it is hot.  He is also very partial to highly spiced food, although it does make him lick his chops for a very long time afterwards and he gets through gallons of water.  For an old dog, he enjoys a wide variety of flavours and textures.  He used to be very keen on cheese.  WF trained him using cheese, which has been an expensive choice down the years.

OH went down to the flat to create some more chaos and I enjoyed some P and Q and loaded up one and a half properties and generally made a lot more progress than I ever make whilst he is here and going on about things.

At 12 the new buyers of the llama farm rang and I told them that they needed to up their offer by 10 000 euros and we would have a deal.  They said they would think about it. Strange experience having a conference call with one person in UK and the other in the States.  Strange competing background voices with a mix of US and UK accents.  WF rang to say that he had been put forward for a couple of interviews.

OH came home briefly for lunch and then went to do some shopping.  We discussed the offer on the flat and decided that we really were not happy with taking some of the price in cash.  What if the cash was in denominations that we couldn't use.  We live in Hicksville and no one ever produces notes bigger than fifties.  What if it was forged? What if he didn't pay us at all?  I emailed the buyer and said regretfully that we could not go ahead.  One hour later he rang and said, OK, we would put it all through the notary and I felt a great weight lift from my shoulders.  Now I really feel that it is sold.  Youpee!!  Speaking of Hicksville, reminds me of a time I was in a supermarket queue.  Behind me was a small girl and her grandma.  In front of me was a man in a suit.  'Mamie' enquired the little girl 'is that man the President?'.  No one wears suits in our part of France.  I have been out here so long that going back to the UK and seeing men in suits and shirts and ties comes as a bit of a culture shock.

Mid afternoon went to see my notary and run through the various cases we have going through.  I must be in high esteem because she actually walked me to the door.  OH said I should have hinted that I would like some champagne for Christmas.  He is a one....

OH went fishing later on and I made chilli and accidentally puts loads of dried flakes of chilli into the mix.  Dog was thrilled.  OH had to join him in drinking gallons of water.

Nigel Farage 'I am a man of my word and I am going to resign' has unresigned after three days.  What a guy he is.  I wonder how many closet Farage lovers there are out there?  I tend to regard him more of a reality tv personality rather than a politician.  I would not vote for him or UKIP under any circumstances but I do feel that politics would be a duller place without him.  Cameron is bringing forward the Referendum on staying in or out of Europe. We need to sell up and leave here.  If the UK votes to come out, Europe will no longer be such a warm and cosy place for us.  Both OH and I agree we need to live near the sea and on the west coast of the UK however there is a huge mileage inbetween our desired locations.  He is thinking Lakes and I am thinking Devon.  I have told him, under no circumstances am I going back to the North West.  He says we mustnt be intransigent.  Oh, I rather think we can.