Sunday, June 7, 2015

Birthday girl!

Saturday 6 June 2015

Overcast 22 degrees

My 57th birthday

How on earth did that huge figure get to attach itself to me?  I remember when I was studying A level English in night school, plan being to get to University, that a lady on the course said to me that she felt the same on the inside as she did in her thirties, it was just the face in the mirror that had changed.  I wonder if I would even recognise the person I was twenty years ago.  I have changed inside and out.

Waited a very long time for OH to wake up and bring me tea and presents, but finally he obliged and I had a huge haul of lovely things.  A big bag of gorgeous clothes from Ms Noddi also a reiki book and some lovely hand cream.  Two tops and some Brigitte Jones underwear from OH (he had thought high cut meant skimpy but they are nearly waist height), anti wrinkle cream from the boys and some lovely chocolates.

The present which caused the most confusion was something in the Ms Noddi package.  I thought it was a tea cosy.  OH thought it was a beany.  It contained an image of a chook and a house.  OH thought it was an unusual beany and arranged it on my head.  I unpinned the label (saying tea cosy) and tried to put it on a tea pot and discovered that it didn't have any holes in it. OH went back to his beany theory.  The dog hassled me for chocolate and then shredded the present paper.  Time to get up and dressed and off to the seaside.

I unearthed from the closet a lovely Gudren Sjoden hand smocked and embroidered dress and teamed it with the Zara bolero with sequins given to me by Ms Noddi.  I thought it looked like a fetching ensemble and, on emerging from the car park in Spain, was promptly serenaded by a toothless man, bearing garlic.  I am counting that as a result!  Had some gorgeous tapas and I found a vintage clothes store in a side street and OH lurked in the foyer with the other bored husbands and replied to them in French.  Did some shopping and back home and had wonderful, albeit immense, turbot and white wine.

Rang back my brother and got his second wife who said he had gone to the Pub and that it was their eldest's confirmation tomorrow and there were 21 people up for the occasion.  She sounded slightly pissed whereas I would have been both pissed and manic, in her shoes.

American lady sent me a message saying that she and her husband and his 'shark' lawyer had had round one in court and it was grim but at least he was admitting that he was responsible for the penalties to pay for the house sale which is about to fall through.  She said she had seen another house which she had loved and could I go and find it.

Drank more wine and passed out on sofa.