Monday, June 8, 2015

Splurging is good

Sunday 7 June 2015

Very hot 31 degrees

Woke up at 4 am and was absolutely wide awake and decided that from now on, I am going to pursue my dreams.  Went back to the idea of resin jewellery and spent a very enjoyable couple of hours looking at Pinterest inspiration before drifting into a deep sleep from which OH woke me at just after 9 am.  I had found, from my browsing, various suppliers of the resin and the moulds, but hadn't thought of looking closer to home - a lady off the crafting group suggested the starter kit which is sold in Cultura shops all over France.  Cultura deliver free into store and then just notify you when it is in.  Result!  Ordered one jewellery mould and a button mould and a crystal resin starter kit with instructions.  Good reviews from users.  Friday,OH is off on his fishing trip, and I shall be haring over to pick up the kit and get started.

I also was tempted and went for what seems to be like the best deal of the decade. Amazon Local were advertising a 97% voucher on a sewing course - so instead of being 600 pounds, it was 19!  Bought the voucher and redeemed it and cant wait to get started.  

Here is the link but sign up quickly as there is not much time left to run on the deal

600 pound course for 19 pounds! E careers course online

Have also ordered the following book from Amazon

Carrie Schmidt - Painted Blossoms book

which looks like the sort of painting I can do.

My bank balance is looking rather sad but what is the point of money if you cant treat yourself occasionally.  I tend to splurge periodically and spend the rest of the time gradually building up the balance.  One thing I have really discovered that helps the funds for a splurge is putting a euro coin away every day - there is always a euro hanging about the house or in my purse.  It is amazing how much money you find in the jar when you go to look periodically.  I also collect all of the spare change and redeem that - the last count gave me 42 euros, hence the sudden splurging now.

Took the dog around the lake and even the town nearby looked glorious in the sunshine. Many puce faced joggers pounded past.  A water skier zoomed over the surface of the sparking waters like a great dragonfly, crossing and recrossing the spumy waves.  Two ducks, one leg each tucked under their winds, dozed on a piece of drift wood.  A terrapin, mini Lac Ness monster, poked its head up to look at us.  

Back home and cooling drinks and we both felt very tired so had a long siesta.  Dog snored under the kitchen table, where the tiles are cool and the shadows lurk, even in the day.

Up later to water and design some buttons and look through the pantry and my sewing box for things to adorn the buttons.  Found a YouTube video on how to create your own moulds using DIY silicone, turps and cornflower.  Limited life span but interesting if you want to model an unusually shaped object.

Watered the garden - it is absolutely parched.  Two more days of heat then there is a lot of rain forecast.  The telly reception is terrible.  OH thinks it is the angle of the earth against the satellites.  Am too tired to figure out if he is serious or doing his thing of making up something plausible but without no base in science, in order to test me.