Monday, July 13, 2015

Finding the right resolution and canine shenanigans

Sunday 12 July 2015

Beautiful sunny day 24 degrees

Up early and excited about getting buttons ready for sale.  There was a scratching at the back door and it was next door's dog.  Our dog sprang out of his pit, rather cross eyed at being called for at this time in the morning, and went out to meet his friend.  There was excited barking then silence.  Ten minutes later, there was more scratching at the back door but I could hear dog barking next door.  Not good.  Sunday at 7.30 am is not when you want to hear a dog outside and barking in proximity.  My neighbour, currently at their holiday home, is a lawyer, albeit Spanish.  Dashed out and was promptly jumped on by Patchou - the neighbour's dog.  He is a labrit breed, built for working with herd animals, and looks like a large mobile hearth rug.  He has a sweet disposition and is only eight months old, but in the absence of any training whatsoever, and no attention, is developing bad habits.  He cuddles up to me and smiles joyfully,showing sharp white teeth.  As soon as I move, he jumps up at me.  It is infuriating and I have to brandish a large walking stick.  There is no sign of my dog.  I walk up the road, repeatedly shoving away the other dog, and finally find my soaking wet dog outside the nearest lawyer neighbours house.  He has been digging in the river and is filthy and stinks.  Back to our house and I am breathless and have to have a cup of tea to recover from effort. Still not yet 8 am.  Patchou jumps repeatedly up to the kitchen window sill and smiles at me but finally goes home.

I set to the task of photographing the resin buttons and the light is all wrong and no matter where I go in the house, there are shadows.  I drag in an upright light and then there are shadows and yellow patches.  The buttons are translucent with delicate seed inclusions and I must have been lucky first time around when I took the pictures in late afternoon with the light coming from the rear of the house rather than the front.  Try taking them outside and the light is too harsh.  OH calls for tea so I give up temporarily and we have tea in bed and he says he has cracking headache.  He is in a stifling room (he refuses to have either shutters or windows open during the summer hence I go to room next door) and is wearing a heavy brushed cotton pj top.  I open window and give him paracetamol and he gets up eventually.  I get back to the task of photography and finally manage to get some decent pictures.

I managed to mess up the pendants when doming them as it ran down the sides and stuck to the kitchen paper so I sand it off and then redome.  Look at pictures on the big handmade sale site and the best sellers have stunning photography.  I need to learn how to take better pictures with my iPhone.  It has a 8 mega pixel camera.  Need to find out how to focus right in correctly and get a fade out background.

Was impressed by the photography on this site

Eight acorns resin jewellery

OH went back to bed so I walked dog on the top road and was somewhat stunned by a Skype message from the US lady.  She seems to be under the impression that the penalty monies paid in by her future ex husband in respect of the joint non purchase of the house, can now be used by her to part pay for the purchase of the house by herself and another person.  What planet is this woman on???  Informed her that the notaire had said that her ex would get his money back.  She can chew on that.  Young couple from earlier on in the week say they need to talk to their parents about the house that they like and there is no news from our buyers, which is good news.  Their seven days are now up and we just need to get the loan offer through and we can sign.  Still not got the loan offers through from the NZ ladies bank even though they keep saying there is no problem - date limit is 15th.  We are getting close to the wire.

Set the tennis to record and went to meet my colleague to previsit a house for the couple tomorrow.  He said it was walking distance of town centre.  It is not what I would call walking distance.  It takes about eight minutes to drive it.  The house has many many rooms and was rather gloomy.  Lady had died of myeloma.  Man lives alone with his books.  Family wants him to come back to UK.  Two room gite and lovely pool.

Drive around town for at least a half hour, looking for lovely (and much cheaper) house which I spotted on a competitor website and I dont know where it is, but I know where it isnt. Found roads which I had never found before.  Gave up finally and back home and watched Men's Final with Djokevitch and Federer and it was utterly epic.  Our dog ran off into the night with the other dog and we thought, blow it, and went to bed.  Found him on the doorstep, alone and very thirsty, the next morning.