Friday, July 17, 2015

Thoughts on heavy air and the deserted chateau... who is the man in the gardens?

Thursday 16 July 2015

Overcast - 26 degrees.  Pleasant and not head boiling

The garden had respite from being sucked dry by the sun today.  There was heavy cloud cover and a light breeze and the humidity levels seemed a lot lower.  Talking to the Californian lady yesterday, she said it is hot there but it doesn't exhaust you, because it is dry heat.  Here, it can top 95 percent and you droop.  Interestingly, we went to Spain for New Year a while ago and spent three days in the high green Ordesa National Park.  There were forests made of box (buxus) - hundreds and hundreds of years old.  There was, as always in Spain, epic eating, drinking and smoking.  As we crossed back into France, windows open and the car full of the pungent aroma of pine trees, we suddenly became aware of the change in the air - it suddenly became 'thick' with moisture.

OH went down to the rental unit to recommence battle and I rang people and did the VAT return and sorted out the ironing mountain.  He came back and we had lunch and then went so I could show him a chateau which he will visit for me next week.  The GPS decided to stop working and it transpired that the end had dropped off the connector.  We arrived, with the aid of Google Maps on my iPhone and the house was deserted.  We hammered and rang and circled and then noticed an old man tramping around in the gardens.  He said he lived in the gardener's cottage and I left him my card and we went back home and I ironed for many hours and got through it all.  I still need to sort out my suitcases.  Felt very stressed about travelling, work, messy house, heat, exhaustion and started having a panic attack. Extremely unpleasant.  Made me breathless and dizzy.  Must learn to control emotions. Stress brings on all sorts of nasty medical conditions.

US lady's notary rang and said she had just got back from holiday, thinking that it would have all got sorted out in her absence, and found that nothing had been sorted out and she had read my email saying that I understand nothing, and was then really upset because she doesn't seem to be able to tell the US lady that the basis on which she wishes to continue, cannot happen.  She cannot add another person into the contract - her investor.  Her notary transferred the emails she had received from Lisa and it transpires that Lisa has asked her future ex husband to leave the deposit he paid in place.  Her notary also told me that, to substitute another person - the investor replacing the husband - it would require accord of future ex husband and the seller.  So, all the seller has to do is not to agree to the substitution, US woman cant buy without the investor who is insisting on having her name on the contract, and in two weeks time, we will be out of the woods and can get paid!!!

The phone rings and it is the offhand chateau renter and it appears that the old man in the house is her father and has Alzheimers.  She says she will be out next week when OH is doing the visit, and she will leave a key with her father.  OH is very stressed.  The old guy may well forget.  I ring the agent who placed the renters and she says she can be available to come with her key, next week, but I must get the agreement of the renter.  Oh FFS I will have to ring her again tomorrow.

Manage to speak to client for tomorrow afternoon and fit in a programme of four houses. She has been out with my colleague for a couple of days.  Will be interesting to see what she thinks of what she has seen.  Manage to speak to a number of people.  Walked the dog and watered and had a flash of inspiration and it was then 9.30 but rang and left a message on her answerphone.

Two revisits tomorrow.  Offer upcoming!!!