Monday, July 20, 2015

Thoughts on hornets and the productivity of husbands

Sunday 19 July 2015

Pretty much very hot all day 34 degrees

Had a lazy start and lay in spare bed and wrote this and drank tea and listened to the birds in the tall trees and the bees in the chimney.  The chimney breast is along one wall of the spare room and the bees come back every year to nest in an inaccessible nook.  Every year I try and smoke them out and every year they decide to stay.  This year, they have been joined by quite a few hornets.  Solitary creatures, they have a heavy drone and examine slowly the beamed ceilings, looking for a hole in which they can lodge themselves whilst they construct their intricate nests.  I squirt them with furniture polish - they don't like the smell and leave quickly.  I don't wish them any harm but they are easily the size of the knuckle to the end of your thumb and I don't want to be on the receiving end of a sting.

Went down rental unit and made up the bed and put out the towels.  Treated myself to a wonderful tarte au fraise

The main computer decided it wouldn't switch on today so OH did lots of hoovering and weed killing.  He hates my laptop.  Despite the fact that most people use two hands to use a laptop, he uses one and makes life difficult for himself.  He moans incessantly and I take the laptop off him.  He is much more productive without technology.  I found him later on in the day looking at polo shirts on EBay.  He is not the right shape for a polo shirt.  Watched Mamma Mia and ironed.  Pierce Brosnan would look good in a polo shirt....

1.30 came around and I was obliged to go out into the furnace and meet the sellers on whose house I had the offer yesterday.  The lady works in an old folk's home and does three 12 hour days in a run before having two days off.  Sometimes she only has one day off before recommencing the cycle.  I wouldn't like to spend that much time with anyone or anything.  Nine til nine with people with incontinence, dementia, mental problems.  She says it is a challenge.  Her husband grows grape vines.  He has much the better deal of it.  His vines are immaculate, as is the house - he does the housework too.  We have a drink in a bar and the lady stuffs down some strange French tapas and they sign and then, with relief I go home and we have a siesta.  Dog has disappeared with the neighbours dog and is presumably running around the locale.  Find him later at the neighbours, after having to repel the other neighbours dog.  He doesn't like being squirted with the hose pipe although he is up for a little wetting and managed to soak my dress too.

Get a brilliant review from the US purchaser of the little heart buttons.  Look at Etsy and find some inspirational resin jewelry makers.