Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dehydration headache and yet another night out ....

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Boiling hot.  Spend most of day indoors
33 degrees

Wake up with headache and churning stomach and have to use lots of reiki to lift it.  Sun makes me feel very bad.  OH goes down to the rental units and I make headway getting HK client file underway.  Thankfully the sellers are very organised and get paperwork through to me in its entirety during the morning.  I instruct the notary.

Discover on the contemporary sale that it is not going to be possible to get the new cadastral plan out of the geometres office because he has closed for holidays, works alone, and has not indicated on his door when he is likely to be back.  It could easily be for the rest of the month.  Ring the notary and the seller and suggest we meet up and draw the provisional plan and submit this to the buyers.  Feel very frustrated and grumpy.  Take paracetamol and have toast and jam and sleep and feel much better.

All too soon, it is 7 pm and time to go out again.  The director of our agency and his wife are coming down for a meeting and I need to be sharp and presentable.  Hair has gone particularly wild so restrain it with pins and put on lots of makeup to cover dark circles under eyes.  OH books a holiday in Galicia on the beach.  I say why on earth hasn't he done the washing up.  He looks at shirts for sale on Ebay instead and we have words.  Go and soak in the bath, put on slap and silk dress and we head out into the roasting sticky evening.  

Town in heaving.  I notice my colleague trying to extract her husband from the bar.  Their little girl is eating crisps and entertaining the people on the terrace with song and dance. She gets the car, puts both of them into it and leaves.  She does not look pleased....

The bosses arrive and we go for a panache then to the restaurant.  In the centre of town, it overlooks the river and is gaily ornamented with petunias and geraniums.  It is delightfully cool under the awnings.  The bosses have large salads and OH and I have tomato tart and toast which isn't as good as it sounded on the menu.  There is no white wine.  The bosses have steak and chips and OH and I have burger and chips which turns up without a scrap of salad for any of us and in a bagel which is sweet and really doesn't go with the beefy contents.  Pudding is also disappointing - cafe gourmand is normally accompanied with a range of delightful little puddings but this one consisted of two rock hard and violently pink meringues and a small pot of trifle.

We had a lovely chat and there was a lovely breeze and we were back home for 11.  We don't normally go out this often and I feel drained.