Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Down by the river and frustration later

Monday 10 August 2015

Cool and showery with sunny periods later
28 degrees

Up early and down to meet lady at the big hotel in town.  She has not read the email I sent her, giving the meeting place, and I finally track her down in the middle of town.  We set off immediately and go and see house in neighbouring village.  She likes the house but not the proximity of the neighbours so I have to cancel most of the appointments set up.  The only house that does seem to be a runner transpires to be one where she already has a private appointment, so I cant take her to see it.

Go and have cake and coffee down by the river and the day is exquisite with fish rising and sun shimmering on the gently flowing water.  Coffee and brownies go down very well.  I drop her back off in town and back home again.

OH is still sitting in the chaos of the kitchen and announces he is tired and must go and have a siesta so I join him.  These hot Summer days are not good for achieving things. Ring the anglo french law company and they say they are 'pulling things together'.  I don't know what this means as they have not requested any information from me or the notary so I get a comprehensive list and promise them the next day.

Look at garden.  It is in a terrible state.  Why do weeds never have a day off.  Tomatoes full of blight.  Sigh....