Monday, August 17, 2015

Sounds of a thousand bees in the blossom...

Sunday 16 August 2015
Sunny and delightful 26 degrees

Woke at six to something eating the floorboards again.  Sounded like it also had very large teeth.  The light fitting was making tinging noises and there was rushing about.  Crawled out of bed, mouth dry as a dust bowl and went in the spare bed.  Light filtered like mist through the velux over my head.  Slept again and woke with terrible headache and drank lots of water and quickly realised it was not going to stay down.  Slept fitfully until three pm when decided I needed some fresh air so went and slept in the garden under the lagerstroemeria tree which hummed with a thousand bees, gathering nectar from its luscious pink blossoms

When we first bought the house, the tree was cramped and had grown awkwardly.  We pruned it and the neighbour was aghast and said it was very slow growing and we would regret chopping so much off its elegant and palely peeling branches.  Our LM doesn't know it is supposed to be slow growing and has spread over the past ten years to provide dappled pink and green shade over my favourite coin of the garden, my battered candy stripe deckchair ready to be fallen into, a place scraped out in the gravel in which to place my cup. Dog goes under the potting bench and snores and runs in his sleep.

Come back in and manage a little baked potato and watch recording of Funny Girl.  OH makes me an omelette and by five I am starting to feel human again.  A whole beautiful sunny day lost.