Thursday, August 20, 2015

Two gorgeous properties and the Pyrenees are on parade and the sun is shining

Wednesday 19 August 2015
Bright and sunny 26 degrees

Morning writing again severely hindered by early appearance of OH.  Tea in bed very much appreciated however.  House in state of severe chaos - no housework has been done for weeks.  Garden is rampant.  The passion vine has reappeared from no where and has joined battle with the wisteria for possession of the garden shed/boys room/former pig shed building roof.  The topiary has all joined up and needs a severe haircut.  The brambles are bigger than the roses and as for the saplings in the borders....  I need to spend a fortnight in the garden.  OH is back to UK in October to sort out loan for purchasing renovation project and I intend to garden myself to a standstill.  We really need a cleaner.  Or to invite someone over.  That is the only time any serious cleaning gets done.

Mid morning I head over in the direction of the coast to a lovely village which I don't know very well and see a village house with garden and pool.  It didn't look much on the photos that the people sent me and it turned out to be a real Tardis, with lovely high ceilinged rooms, beams, fireplaces and original floors.  The pool was full of children and dogs and they all had to get out for the photos.  They stared at me like I was a creature from another planet (the children, not the dogs).  The lady went off to the market and the man talked at me non stop so it took a while to fill in the mandate.  He told me all about the things he would have done with the house, if he had got around to it.  I hope he doesn't say that to the people I bring around.  It just makes them think there is a lot needs doing.

Back home on the motorway for speed and I suddenly have a revelation.  An agent rang me yesterday, in response to an ad I had put on a free website asking for chateaux and manoirs in the local area, and said she had one overlooking a large river.  I suddenly realised which chateau it would be and, indeed, on searching when I got home, found it.  No price.  Going to be a number of millions.  Fabulous location right on the river.

Discover WF has been emailing prospective rentals instead of ringing them and two of them have already been taken.  Text him to say, for heavens sake, ring people!!!!!  Typically, his phone is off.  He has two weekends before which he will be homeless.  He really needs to pull his finger out.

Back out at three to see a house in a neighbouring department.  Only half an hour from ours but down in the mountains.  So beautiful with rolling hills, meadows spotted with sheep and the brightly painted houses, their windowsills billowing with geraniums.  Glorious day with the landscape shining and the road brown and wavy like a grass snake.  The Pyrenees every present on the horizon; sketched in all shades of purple from palest grey through lilac to deep berry hues.  I meet the owner at the appointed place and she takes me by roads unadopted and woodlanded ways.  Have to put the location in the GPS or I will never find it again.

The house is snug up against the road but it is a small road.  The garden is very long and narrow and is sandwiched between the road and the stream.  There are limited views.  It is, however, refreshingly low in price.  The house is full of people speaking mixtures of Spanish, a Moroccan language (could be Berber, could be standard Arabic), and French.

Houses definitely take on the character of their owners.  Some houses, albeit rough and rustic, have lots of charm because they are filled with love.  This house was like that.  It vibrated happiness.  These houses are easy to sell.  I think back to the house of a former notaire who had separated from his wife and ornery early 20's children.  It was a big sad house and had the feeling of a drooping, unhappy blood hound.  It took an absolute age to sell despite being a big property in a wonderful location.

Stop off for rum and raisin ice cream and cafĂ© solo in town and to my surprise, RF eldest son, decides to get back in contact and we have lovely long FB chat.  He is thinking of changing jobs and is applying in London and Manchester.  Says he will probably come over in October for holiday.  Try to ring youngest WF and he is not answering his phone so have no idea whether or not he has fixed up any potential rental viewings.

Back home and no phone calls from buyers of contemporary property, who are meant to be chasing anglo french law company.  I ring them and the first time they answer then hang up, the second time it goes to call screening and the third time no one answers at all.  The guy obviously doesn't want to speak to me.  Absolute spineless bxxxxd and am totally furious. He has either not rung and chased them or has not got anywhere with them when he did ring.  Rant at OH.  OH supplies cajun chicken, egg fried rice and white wine.  Calm down and pass out on sofa.