Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ever westward

Sunday 13 September 2015

Ever westward

We went for breakfast in a bar where yesterday we had spotted a lot of well dressed ladies of a certain age.  The blood art bar was closed and shuttered with large iron grilles. We had large cups of milky coffee, foaming fresh orange juice and spatchcocked toasted croissants with apricot jam.  Then off through many hours of high mountain roads winding over passes and forests of Eucalypts, tiny cotton balls of cloud caught in their upper branches.  Stopped for lunch in a seaside town.  The rain was torrential and all of the tourists had gone home. Had tiny fried fish with aoli garlic dip.  An immense glossy brand new fishing shop.  Stands and fun fair for the weekend of fĂȘtes.  

We werent supposed to be arriving at the flat until 6 pm so we drove around a succession of run down towns facing the most spectacular silver sands and azure waters.  Finall arrived at Laxe at 5 pm.  Very pretty I was relieved to see and a large selection of bars and restaurants - I counted 13 just going along the front.  Iphone informed me that the weather forecast was cloud tomorrow then two days of rain.  

The flat was on the upper floor of a neat and compace house in a sidestreet.  Large open plan living room and kitchen, two bedrooms and shower room with wc.  From the balcony, you could just about see the sea.  Impressively clean, unlike chez nous, which is full of dust and dog hairs and mud and spiders webs and, periodically, the smell of the septic tank.  We were shown around by a lady of a certain age, had some bread and cheese and then went out for a G and T and relaxed on the sofa.

Beds very comfy.  Zedsville....