Thursday, September 24, 2015

Somewhere out there is America

Tuesday 15 September 2015

No workmen on site this morning as wind truly violent and rain lashing down.  Drove to Bahia for breakfast - no croissants left.  Asked what time is best to come down in order to have croissants and woman waved her hands happily and said 'oh any time' and I said how about after ten and she said 'oh no!' and went into the back room.  

Went to look at fishing spot again and alas it was so windy we could hardly stand up so I couldn't beach comb and OH couldn't fish.  Got in car and went for a drive.  At Comarinas, further around west on the coast the gulls were had elected to sit on the rocks and have a preen. Decided to press on to Finisterre (land's end) - the most westerly tip of Europe. Wanted to get a photo of us looking west out to America but when we got out of the car within seconds we were wetter than we had ever been whilst fully dressed.  Went into a cafĂ© and it was full of steaming people and reminded me of a Summer's day in the Lake District. Except that these were Pilgrims at the end of the Camino de Santiago and Land's End is where they traditionally come to burn their clothes.  No one looked naked and they would have needed napalm to get their clothes burning today.  Many different nationalities.  Bus loads of Spanish and French tourists, all wearing the kind of plastic capes which immediately transform one's body heat into condensation and ensure you are as wet on the inside as you are on the outside.  Drove back in virtually zero visibility

America is out there, somewhere.....

Later on that day, and with clean and dry clothes, we went into the nearest town to watch the festival of floats and it had been cancelled due to high winds.  Town was deserted and we went into a bar to enjoy some WIFI and the bar tender looked like the mother from the Adam's family.  Thrilled to see that I had been copied into an email sent by the business manager to the buyers of the contemporary house, giving them the name of the solicitor with whom the agency works and confirming that he would be dealing with the case.  Still no news from bloody useless anglo french law company.  Hurrah!  Might be getting somewhere with this case!

Rain lashed down on pavements and bounced a good 12 inches up into the air.  Sheets of moisture fanned out across the bay.  Not a lot happening on the FB group.  Told them for heaven's sake to hold off posting Christmas stuff just yet.

Had a walk along the front back in Laxe and a marvellous seafood pizza.  Slept well despite fact that bed seemed to be full of sand.  Blissful wall between me and OH snoring.