Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Somewhere more glamorous than Yorkshire...

Tuesday 1 December 2015

14 degrees sunny but cold

How on earth can it be December already?  Thanks to OH being away for a fortnight, I am in a much better state of organisation than normal.  Cake made, check.  Secret Santa, check. House clean and tidy, check.  Newsletter sent out, check.  Lots of jewellery made, check.  I haven't got around to posting lots of new makes on Etsy or Facebook, but at least I have everything sorted out and made myself a display board with lots of nails on it, on which I have suspended my makes.  My psoriasis has totally dried up.  It may be that I am allergic to my dear husband, his chaos and rushing, infernal lists and have you dones, and the terrible mess he spread everywhere.  Feel like I have had a good rest.

Spent the morning doing the changeover of utilities for the two houses which have just completed.  The water authorities were no problem  - quite happy for me to set up an account in someone else's name and with their bank details.  EDF (electricite de France) were another matter and insisted that the owners do it themselves.  Had to give them instructions on how to do it online

Walked the dog and packed up the two pendants which have just been ordered and somehow the day passed very quickly.  Had very much been looking forward to Kirstie's Handmade Christmas but, in the new format, there was very little going through the process of making things, and more 'competitions' between keen amateurs, making cakes and decorating Christmas trees.  She then made fondue.  Anyone can melt cheese and put in alcohol and I wasn't impressed with the furry stocking she made.  It would not be allowed anywhere near our fireplace - the hazards of being married to an ex insurance man.

Listened to CD 4 of Michel Thomas 'Spanish' course.  He is infuriating, with his insistence on pressing down on syllables.  And you can hear him chewing gum.  I did his French course and have never, in twelve years, had the occasion to use sentences such as I want it but I don't need it.  Must stick with it.  I will never be an agent in Spain, which is delightfully unregulated, if I cant speak Spanish.  I dont have the right to hold a professinal licence in France, despite having done the job for twelve years, because my degree is not in French or something business related, and I have always worked as an independent.  Someone coming fresh out of college with an appropriate degree or having been employed as a salaried agent could apply after three years experience.

Following watching a program on real estate in Ibiza, I have decided that is where I need to be an agent.  No more battling for peanuts.  I need to be selling villas which cost millions. And in a place which is glamorous.  I am looking through the windows at the maize spikes and there are some white cows on the horizon. Signed up to house sitting site.  We need to go and check out the island.  OH will not be keen.  He wants to go to Yorkshire.