Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A day of surprises and some knots untie themselves!

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Grey and cloudy with light rain
12 degrees

A day of surprises.  First thing when I get up, I turn on my phone.  Yes I know it is a bad habit and I am welded to it.  I find a message from a client who has finally got to the end of a thorny problem and has done it without the help of the notaries.  She is buying a 1950s property which has some archaeological vestiges on the site.  The land registry plan is not clear as to who has ownership and the notaries, who are officially in charge of establishing what is what as far as the Title is concerned, develop 'sloping shoulders' and suddenly become unavailable to speak to on the telephone.  I dig out the name of the former owner and pass it to the client and hurrah, it transpires that the vestiges are not with the property so the buyer is immensely relieved and is now just anxiously awaiting her visa and shovelling snow.  New England, it appears, has much more savage weather, than Old England.  

The second surprise came later in the day.  I get a call from a seller - the one who has gone a bit bonkers and dropped her house to such a low price that I told her to raise it again - rings to say that she has two offers but there is a problem.  I say your price is far too low and you are giving the house away.  She says, I know, but we just want to sell.  It transpires that one of the offers has come from my people who made the offer in January

and who have come back in with a direct offer.  She says that they have made an offer at the new price she was asking on the private ad but she told them that they were introduced to her by me and if they want to buy, they must go through me to effect the purchase.  They suggested to her that, as I "hadn't done much work", they would pay me half fees(!)  She also said that she had another offer and she was waiting to see if they would raise it to be higher than my former clients and she would ring me back.  I thanked her for her honesty and hung up.  The sneaky bastards!!!  I will wait to see which offer the seller accepts.  I am inclined to agree with her that, if my people do buy, they will never be happy in the house because they are dishonest people.

I am also a great believer in synchronicity, and what goes around, comes around.  Feel the need for a new crystal and, on the advice of a reiki friend, go and look for some laboradite. This is such a beautiful feldspar crystal with stunning reflects of shimmering blues and golds.  My friend says there is nothing like it for synchronicity.  She also says that the crystal finds the person, like the wand finds the wizard...

google images

The lady in the shop says they are also strong against negativity (I am still thinking sneaky bastards at the back of my mind) and need to be cleaned once a week by leaving them in water overnight and then on a windowsill to absorb sun or moon rays.  They says as they absorb negativity, they become less brilliant.  Will be an interesting gauge.

Go for a swim, which is less than blissful as it is full of people larking about and bashing each other with swimming aids.