Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gijon - stepping out into a new morning

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Brilliant blue skies followed by big black skies and torrential downpours then ....  more brilliant blue skies.  Great skeins of cranes passing overhead, daily.

Nothing too interesting happened today, so instead I thought I will give you some pictures of the city of Giijon.  Pronounced Hee Hon like a donkey speaking chinese with a definite downward accent on the Hon.  Never heard of it?  Neither had we.  It is the capital city of the northern Spanish region of Asturias.  A city of nearly 280000 souls on the sea.  Stupendous golden sands, sea air that has travelled thousands of miles to reach this patch of earth, tiny shops selling just a couple of lines (notably a string and rope shop), rich culture and heritage, a place to discover and savour.  And of course, hacer el paso.  El paso happens every evening when the population take to the streets, walk around in their finest clothes, eat tapas, encourage the children to play and have fun, drink wine and beer and talk as loudly as possible.  There is no such thing as a silent Spaniard.

Interesting juxtaposition of recent and traditional

First person on the paso

Beautiful artwork

Best type of graffitti

Fabric flowers at the Casino

Venturing out for breakfast

Heading out to the theatre

Plaza in sepia

New morning

Mad birds and English women venture out in the morning rain

Plaza in colour

After the dance is over

The pigeon takes to posing

Last photo before leaving

These are the photos I take when I get up early, leaving OH to mumble and grab the sheets, and head out into the new morning, fresh and cleaned, and enjoy the city to myself.  My photos are as precious to me as anything I could purchase.  If you wish to use them for a non commercial purpose, please let me know and link back to the site.