Saturday, March 7, 2015

Were men more beautiful in the 70's?

Friday 6 March 2015

Brilliant sunshine
Ground frost rising to 12 degrees

Have to go to big town to source fuel for the petrol stove.  In our little town, I was informed that this is a winter product and so is no longer stocked in March, because it is no longer winter.  With the sunny days, the temperature at night drops like a stone, are these people mad??  Find a store where they still think it is winter and buy two huge containers just in case they change their mind soon.  

There are many bags of seed potatoes on the shelves and a chart showing the earliness of their harvest, taste, keeping potential and susceptibility to blight.  I hesitate.  OH wants to go fishing at the start of the season on the 15th and the rotavator was playing up last year.  I am not capable of controlling the rotavator.  It has a kick like a mule and, in the way of most machinery operated by blokes, breaks down all of the time.  We have very heavy clay soil which wraps itself around the blades in great chunky blocks, and has to be laboriously scraped off.  I have tried Charlotte as an early potato before and it has great taste but is appallingly attacked by the blight.  Amandine and Binje are great main crop potatoes.  I am always tempted by the very small bags of ruinously expensive 'heritage' potatoes.  They are often strange shapes and hues and if I saw them on a counter, I would not buy them.  Who says advertising doesn't work.  There is something about 'heritage' that makes you feel that you are buying something special and not something that resembles Chucky's head.

Dog is chomping at the bit so we head off around the lake.  Few people around.

Spot the heron?  He is being hassled by some ducks

Beautiful tree form

Glossy celandines welcome the sun

'Tree' house
photos Leaving Normal.  Please give link back if you share

Nearly back at the car, some soggy spaniels run up and their owners are English and it transpires that they are looking to sell their house in our town.  My crystal is nestled snugly under my jumper, and is obviously working overtime!

Back home and spend afternoon on paperwork and ringing up suspects.

Watch a programme on songs of the 70's.  Songs of the early 70's really resonate with me because they are associated with the way I felt at the time or by things that happened.  

this one gave me goosebumps.  I was living in Suffolk, Woodbridge, and I was 17.  I dressed up in my new short multicoloured yellow and orange dress and wedges and went to walk around town.  A guy came up to me and said his friend would like to go out with me.  I looked over and there was the most beautiful guy I had ever seen.  Later he gave me this record.  I wonder where he is now and what he has become.

and, oh the lovely Mark Bolan

But my most special memory of this period is going to see Godspell at Wyndham's Theatre in London in 1972.  A very forward thinking RE teacher had the most enthusiastic class ever when he proposed the field trip.  At the end of the show, I charged up on stage and fought my way through the crush and got David Essex to sign my programme.  He was stunningly beautiful with his dark, curly hair and deep blue eyes.  I looked up at him and was shining like an angel.