Monday, April 20, 2015

Nothing pleases..... or why didnt I just stay at home and garden

Sunday 19 April 2015

Wet to start with sun later
16 degrees

Spent the day with two Scottish couples who had spent many years in Sydney and have now sold and are looking to move full time to France.  OH came with me and we met them at the big hotel and as usual, when we meet clients there, they were very late. We went for a coffee in town and OH did the run through on the area and I could tell the clients were really not taking to him but he seemed oblivious.  One of them commented 'Are you Sagittarius?  They are blunt'.  They didn't offer to pay for the coffee either - not a good sign. I have never had a client who didn't offer to pay for the coffee, who actually went ahead and bought with me.

We started off with some investment properties in our town.  They didn't think much of these and swarmed over them quickly before rejecting them.  We then went to a town house. More shrugs.  Then to a large 1980's property on the hill above town.  One couple liked the garden.  Then back into town to see the Finnish people's house with the sauna. This was better received but the garden was too small.  We finished off the morning at a large stone built house with gite.  One couple didn't like the proximity of the neighbours and the other hated everything apart from the main room.  We left them for lunch and I felt very tired.  Sardines on toast.  I am eating far too much bread and I am never going to be able to wear my new jeans on holiday.

After lunch we picked up again and went to a town house with pool and flat and, I had told them it was next to a busy road, and they didn't like the busy road.  Onwards to a village house tucked behind the church.  They all absolutely hated this one.  Up the hill to a farmhouse with the large dogs where they loved the dogs and the view but nothing else.  On getting back into the car, I really had had it with them and cancelled all but the very last viewing.  The last house they loved until they walked in through the door then it was too small inside.  We drove home in bad tempered silence.  We wont see them again said OH.

Shoved lots of clothes into suitcases and did a bit of ironing.  Laptop developed start up problem so had to run start up repair and it took forever.  Too tired to watch Poldark so went to bed early.  Off to Spain tomorrow on our hols!!!!