Sunday, April 19, 2015

Will they, wont they? It continues....

Saturday 18 April 2015

Torrential rain
15 degrees

Thunderstorms periodically during the day.

Compromis for the English couple who decided very quickly on a town house.  I pick them up at 9.15 and the lady is looking slightly shell shocked as she normally doesn't do 'early' mornings.  We arrive at the notary's office at the same time as the young couple who are owners. It all goes swimmingly until we get to the part where they have to write something in longhand.  It quickly transpires that the lady purchaser is only semi literate.  It takes her half an hour to write our six lines of text, with her husband having to spell out each word.  The notary chats to the sellers and I go out into the foyer, as I can feel them getting very het up with me watching them.  Finally, it is all done and we go for a drink whilst the owners go home and shove things in cupboards because they hadn't read my email saying we were coming back afterwards to measure up.  We get there and all is in order and we measure all the rooms for furniture and everyone is very happy and the couple leave to head back to the UK.

I get home and heave out loads of clothes from the cupboard and give them a quick wash. The sun has come out so they dry in no time and I then get them ironed.  I send OH down town to buy seed potatoes.  He rings me up from the shop, understands nothing, says no one will help him and then hangs up and comes back half an hour later with a delicious cherry gateau basque but no potatoes.  I sigh heavily, get changed and go and have a look myself.

A very helpful assistant (OH they are young girls, they will know nothing) who did know a lot about potatoes, helped me choose some main crop and also I bought some La Ratte which are a wonderful salad potato.

Back home and make chicken curry and walk the dog.  I then have to send over all of the details of the Villa sale to the notaire, talk to the buyers and reassure them that all is OK and then get onto the matter of the would be buyers of the house in town.

The other agent has put the frighteners on the sellers and has told them that his clients would definitely take them to Tribunal and the house would be tied up for a year.  I ring the owners to try and present the other side of the case in that, by using a referee, it is possible to have the result very quickly and also point out that the buyers have agreed to indemnify them against any awarded damages.  The owner says she is ill with the worry.  This has just been a cock up from start to finish.  Que sera sera.