Tuesday, April 21, 2015

South to Castile and the land of La Mancha

Monday 20 April 2015

Vast high level plain with snow capped peaks in distance

I thought this was rather Simpsons like

Cifuentes - strangely trimmed London Planes

Trillo nuclear power station

El mar de Castile - very low on water

Rich burnished red in colour sandy landscape

We were in the car many, many hours and it was with some relief that we arrived in Cuenca, and settled into the hotel.  All Spanish cities are built on hills but we have never seen a city which has over 1000 feet between the highest and lowest levels.  Birds circled below us and the angle of the streets was so acute, my knees started to creak immediately.  We did the rounds of the bars on the Plaza Mayor and had some fine riojas and lots of tapas.  The night fell and the bats were zooming around our heads as we headed for a 'night cap' just up the hill from the hotel.

There was only one table occupied by three Spanish people and we got to talking immediately.  Two of them were nurses and the other guy was a government official.  He was smiling and sat closely to OH.  He told him (via the Portuguese waiter) that he was a very handsome man, with lovely skin and clear eyes.  OH, full of fine riojas, missed the not too subtle subtext here, and said he had no vices other than drinking.  The man then said he would like his email address.  Fortunately OH wasn't listening.  The man then said he was gay.  He recognised that OH was oblivious to his hints.  OH then started looking rather nervous.  The Portuguese guy suggested that the gay guy could show us around town tomorrow and asked the gay guy what he would like to show us, at which point he started laughing in what I felt was a rather sinister manner.  I hauled OH out of there and we staggered back on the uneven cobbles and passed out.  Well, that was a first.....