Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hurrah for gin

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Another wonderful autumn day 22 degrees

Woke really late and felt far more relaxed than I have for days.  Sometimes I just have to admit that I cant control things which are out of my hands and it is just not worth fretting and grinding my teeth.  Have got others involved in my battle and they are batting on my side and I feel some relief.

Had to referee a falling out on the FB group - why do people think it is OK to post hurtful things online when there is no way they would say these things face to face?  Put someone on warning to behave themselves and insisted there is to be no mention of Christmas until at least November.

Spent morning showing the ironing mountain who is boss.  Still a lot of 'difficult' items left to do - I always leave shirts and skirts to the end.

Went down town to meet the lady who is selling the lovely Villa which took me weeks to find. Terribly sad story.  The day they decided to move house, she was in the removal van with the three young children.  Her husband was in his car, coming back from the mountains, and was killed in a road accident.  How precious is life.  We should appreciate every day given to us.  Signed the mandat.  

Went outside to try and discover where the 4.30 pm compromis was supposed to be and discovered SFR had suspended my mobile line.  Rang up and expressed severe dissatisfaction and was told my line would be back on in 'about two hours'.  Then got a call from the notaire saying they had just noticed that the power of attorney had not been correctly completed and could I get the buyers to redo page six.  With the six hours time difference, they were already in bed and not answering their phones.  Got to the office and discovered that the seller's notaire also had not received the power of attorney from the seller.  The buyers notaire turned up and we tried to understand the very complicated right of way over the property and no one understood anything so I took both notaires to the house and we walked the boundaries and then it was a lot clearer but no one could sign anything so I went for a drink with the buyers notaire and we sat in the sun and it was generally very pleasant and I tried very, very hard not to grind my teeth.

Got home and tried to ring the buyers of the contemporary property and see if the anglo french law company had produced the report and no one was answering their phones.

Played on FB.  What the hell.  Made chilli.  Watched recording of Lady Chatterley's Lover. Thought guy playing Clifford Chatterley was a real dish.  Manners looked like neanderthal.

Oh dear, I must cheer up and write something amusing.  May be wine will help.....  Discovered wonderful blog called Hurrah for Gin.  Brought back horror of raising young children (in a humorous way)http://hurrahforgin.com/