Monday, September 7, 2015

Medieval fayre and transvestites in the park.....

Sunday 6 September 2015
Sunny 23 degrees after crisp start

Oh season of mists of mellow fruitfulness....  Misty on the garden this morning and fluffinesses of clouds strewn across the mountain tops.  Caw cawing of the rooks seemed to echo on the clean, vibrant morning air.

Went down town and took pictures of the wonderful 1900's villa and dog particularly enjoyed sitting on the steps and surveying his terrain.  Came home and battled with new laptop which is refusing to let Windows open.  I hit it in frustration then turned it off and trimmed and improved my pendant photos on the old laptop which is now only able to manage about half an hour without being charged and heats up phenomenally.

Listed quite a few pendants and felt I had achieved a little progress.  Went back to new laptop and fiddled with it until I got it to work with Chrome.  Still cant manage to turn on volume control.  I have never had these many problems with a brand new computer.

Spoke to WF (youngest son) and he has moved house by physically carrying things around to the other property - only three minutes walk.  He sounded knackered.  Both OH and I fell asleep on the sofa.  It has been a busy Summer.

Here are some photos of Spain.  Same town.  Same day.  In the centre you had a medieval fayre and in the big park you had transvestite's day out.  Viva EspaƱa!