Friday, September 11, 2015

The untender care of OH and we are still stuck on the sandbank

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Glorious Autumn day 29 degrees without humidity

OH's very simple, clockwork mobile phone has expired, probably due to rampant misuse, lying about in unsuitable locations whilst he fishes, and ground bait infiltration.  On suffrance, I lent him my old Blackberry, for which I am still very fond, and which is a wonderful alarm clock.  Its screen saver is one of the few pictures of my children together as adults and I was in the habit of saying goodnight to them and giving them a kiss before going to sleep. Anyhow, it went over to OH's untender care and he did not get along with it at all.  He had killed all of my former phones before getting one of his own.  He cant even see the keys on the Blackberry, never mind being able to ring people.  Despite me telling him five million times that SMS come through on the SMS button, not the messages one, he is still looking in the wrong place for the rambling memos which come through from his legal pal in London.  He decided he needed a new phone.  However even new simple, clockwork phones were 40 euros and he got very annoyed at not being served at once in SFR and Orange was absolutely packed out so we went to the Leclerc where the most basic phone was even more expensive than SFR so we went to the garage instead.

The boot handle had snapped off yet again so dropped off the car and did some shopping and back home to do paperwork.  Signature tomorrow on the big rental unit.  I have yet to see the draft Acte de Vente, calculation of capital gains and confirmation that the cash has been received from our buyers.  Email notary as she is not answering her phones.  OH says notary should give me her mobile number.  Ha!  as if that is going to happen.

Back home and try and ring the anglo french law company and they don't reply so email them.  Also try and ring the buyers of the contemporary house and they also are not answering their phones.  Speak to our business manager who is also trying to sort out this bloody mess and he says the buyers are not answering their phones when he rings either and that when he did finally get through to the law company, the man on the other end of the phone realised to whom he was speaking and hung up.  The offer was made and accepted on the 17th July.  We are now nearly two months down the line.  What on earth can be done to get ourselves off this sandbank?  Email the law company and say I urgently need news.

Iron a lot of clothing.  I still haven't ironed anything that seems suitable for taking away with us and, annoyingly, seem to have put on a couple of kilos just on my stomach and my jeans are very tight.

Back to collect the car and its new handle and find that the paint has not dried properly and is all blistered.  Man says he will redo it free.  Yet another trip to town....

OH makes delicious tuna with stir fry veg.  Must stop eating bread.