Friday, October 23, 2015

Back to our future

Wednesday 21 October 2015


Went down town first thing with some plaster board and kitchen equipment for the new flat.  OH has created chaos again and hasn't actually been in for weeks.  We are coming up to the second anniversary of this particular renovation.  He needs to stop fishing and get cracking!!  The effort of carrying the stuff just up one floor nearly killed me.  Cold must have attacked my delicate lungs more than I realised.

He then went to have a physio session and I had a run around town and did errands.  Lovely sunny day so crack on with the garden and he walks the dog. 

The main potato border is now finished and so I rake off all the dead grass and lumps and clumps of old vegetation and weed kill the new growth.  I then attack the area which is still giving potatoes.  I planted La Ratte which is an exceptionally fine salad potato but is not the largest tuber I have ever seen.  There are, however, millions of them and I discovered on clearing the already dug rows, that the tubers extend sideways and I filled a full fish box with new small tubers.  Couldn't believe how many I found.

Afternoon - looked at my resin efforts of a couple of days ago.  The huge dandelion seeds I put in a pendant and they transformed into silver filigree.  Beyond gorgeous. 

Today is the day which Michael J Fox went 'back' into the future.  Back in 1985 they imagined we would have flying cars, finger print payment and super skateboards and many, many nutters on the streets.  Alas, on the latter seems to have transpired.