Monday, October 19, 2015

Beautiful buttons

Sunday 18 October 2015

Glorious autumn day
16 degrees

Cracked and made our first fire of the year last night.  The combination of the lovely warmth and the duvet on the sofa made it very hard to stay awake.  Still feel exhausted with the cold virus.  Interestingly, in the UK I could shake off a cold in a couple of days.  In France, with a different strain of the virus, it makes me feel really ill.

Went for a walk around the lake with dog and OH.  Absolutely beautiful day.  Saw a great white heron, coots, mallards and alas, still many cormorants.  Dog had wonderful time. Wished I had my camera with me to take a video and show to the dog pension woman who is convinced he is on the point of imminent collapse.

Back home and finally got into my craft room where I spent a happy afternoon sorting out all the buttons and pendants and photographing them.  The Big Lens app which I have just downloaded for iPhone gives wonderful depth of field to photos and makes them look professional.

Big Lens link to Apple download page here