Monday, October 19, 2015

Cant see the rooms for the contents...

Saturday 17 October 2015


Spent morning doing paperwork and then what I really needed were some zeds but it was time to go out and see another house.

Glorious autumn day with sparkling blue skies and golden leaves.  The GPS took me all over the place and I ended up opposite a very uninspiring house which was all closed up. Rang the owners and fortunately it wasn't that one.  Drove for another five minutes and came upon a much better 1900's house in a quieter location and the owner was waving from the doorstep.

Know the expression you cant see the wood for the trees?  The house was stuffed to the gunnels with a bewildering amount of stuff.  Not a wall was bare, or a surface.  Rather dark and rooms in every direction.  Wires and pipes snaked over the ceilings.  The most difficult properties to sell are those which are started and not finished.  This was certainly one of those.  A malevolent and extremely large tiger (toy fortunately) glared at me from a bedroom and his glass eyes followed me around the room.

I hit my head on a particularly low ceiling and had to sit down and regain my senses.  They fed me coffee and I was adored by a small enthusiastic spaniel with a knitted jacket.  Lovely people.

After an hour it was back on the road home and OH was whizzing around on the tractor again and subduing the greenery.  Ghastly amount of brambles have invaded the main borders.  I need to dig out the old wax jacket and some thick gloves to get to grips with it.

Ever such a lot of rugby on the telly but finally got to watch Strictly Come Dancing which I absolutely adore.  Love the sparkle and the glamour.  Would so love to be part of it.