Sunday, October 25, 2015

Brambles, tangles and Tonionis....

Saturday 24 October 2015

Sunny 17 degrees

I don't seem to be able to wake up any earlier than 9.15.  Thank heavens the clocks go back tonight and I can recover my peaceful hour in the morning.  Sat on sofa with OH and watched telly and felt brain dead.  OH loves the US channels where people discuss shares and stocks and money and investments.  I study the clothing and hair and makeup and look through the windows of the studios.  It was very dark still in New York but my goodness there was a lot of traffic.  About every fourth car was a yellow taxi.  All the people wore black and grey and were walking in a hunched fashion as if facing a stiff breeze.  The shop windows were also blacked out.  The women had identical shoulder length hair, pale skin, smooth hands with nails like little chips of coal or blood.  Very minimalist jewellery.  I have trouble taking in what they were saying.  Contrasted the reality of October 2015 with that visualised by the makers of Back to the Future II.  Reality is a lot greyer and, on the bright side, we are no longer wearing 80's clothing.  It may be many, many years before we get the urge for day glow track suits, permed hair and shoulder pads.

The problem with news is that I am not interested in disasters, wars, murders, sensationalism, politics, economics or stardom which leaves very little else.  Does that make me a moron?  This morning on FB I have watched two elephants being reunited, chatted to number one son, laughed at some funny cartoons and admired a Van Cleef and Arpels video.  If I am a moron, I am a happy one.

OH went shopping and I rang and rang and rang people until I finally had a list of property to show to Monday's client.  Rang her up to.  Had thought she was hot to trot but she said she would have to absolutely LOVE a property in order to buy on this trip.  Felt bit deflated.  Otherwise, she said, she would go away and think about it.

Had stir fry prawns with garlic and soy sauce and sorted out my dried flowers, currently nestling in complete chaos between the pages of Great World Wars.  OH was busy looking for a down gilet jacket on EBay and didn't notice how I can appropriated his large, many leaved and appropriately heavy volume.  The ferns and oak leaves had dried particularly well but some of the hydrangea flowers had completely desiccated and I had to throw them out.  Collected some Lagerstroemeria (cape maple) leaves and put them to dry.

I have decided to branch out into bracelets after being inspired by the wonderful Modern Flower Child

Ordered some bangle molds from Resin Obsession in the States and was pleased to see that they were shipped within three hours.

Alas, then had to tackle the brambles which have extended over a good ten metres of the main border.  Decided to tackle them from a distance with the rake and the long handled secateurs.  Made some headway.  I really need to get down to ground level, clear out all the weeds and then dig them out from the base.  It is all a terrible mess.

Gave dog his first treatment of anti inflammatory which involved squirting a small amount of liquid into his mouth.  He didn't not think much of it.  I have never before seen a dog trying to spit.  However, within an hour, he was bouncing about and I had to throw his squeaky ball to him for much of Strictly.  Some stunning dancing.  Ainsley Harriott still looks like some one's Dad at a wedding and Carole is like a barge in full flow.  Bruno Tonioni is SO annoying!!!!!!!